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Posted:4/4/2010 11:36:10 AM
and good luck to you my friend navigating the wealth of mis-information on the internet without a compass. 

Posted:4/1/2010 10:38:53 PM
You either read it and get it.. or you don't - i live my life and don't try to force my views on anyone- or even in my own mind judge anyone who doesn't have the same faith as me.  I can tell you however that all this new age stuff and discrediting the Bible, and the dilution of Christ's importance, even THAT is foretold in the bible.  As investigators looking for the truth, why not take a look at  the book of Revelation?  It is the greatest mystery writing of all time and is now is becoming more and more clear by the day to a great many people.Funny how some people will believe in the Illumiinati, the NWO and 911 was an inside job, but can't believe in the biggest conspiracy theory of all - that a group of angels revolted and are deceiving the people of this world into doing their bidding and by not being a pawn for the government and their "lies", they are unknowingly becoming a tool for Satan and even bigger lies.  If you don't believe in the bible, that is fine with me, but you are missing a key part into the investigation into the unknown, into the paranormal and not to mention missing out on the greatest gift of all.     

Posted:3/31/2010 10:41:33 PM
 Marcos72 - you stated that this man had a stretched face... was it by any chance tri-angler?   

Posted:3/30/2010 5:31:31 PM
 Jeff,I have the same exact things happen to me about once a week since 2001, the faces of people I have never seen before, words or phrases, objects and even rainbows.  My wife has never had it, and I never spoke about it to anyone else for fear people would think I am crazy and it would damage my career.  Now I can focus on them well and always say what I am seeing out loud and try to figure out what the message is,  but I will tell you these visions always accompany the feeling that someone un-seen is with me as I am lying there.  I know many people may not believe in Angels, but that is truly who I feel is responsible. Only recently i have started to see the faces of a typical alien gray, only real ... i mean REAL looking, not like the crap on the internet or the movies.  It scares the heck out of me and i lose focus after that.  Now my wife has seen the flashes of light floating around in our bedroom at the same time i am calling out the faces... so she still calls me crazy, but believes that something is happening.  This is what first got me interested in paranormal subjects.  Look I don’t know if you believe in the Wholly Bible- but I do and it all ties into this… into the secret of everything.  I truly believe these alien beings are in fact the fallen angles that once walked the earth and took human wives.  We know from the bible that they can’t cleave to human DNA genetically, that is why there are abductions and harvesting.  I have lots to say on this matter.. but my point is did you ever wonder what the punishment was for those beautiful women who seduced the angles… I think I know.. I think that their beauty was striped from them and they became the witch’s of today’s fairytales.  There is a reason why they call sleep paralyses the “white witch” often sitting on your chest so you cant move.  I think they are the ones coming to us with these angles and testing if the anger that is held stock in our soul has subsided yet.  The ones that have no anger are the ones they are now persuading and will corrupt upon their return. The ones who are still angry, still remember somewhere inside… we are their enemy.    Cinderella is testing you in your dream’s (remember Satan has control of the those, that is why Jesus did not want to fall asleep before his arrest and was mad that his apostles allowed him to even be tempted by Lucifer)  The rainbow means the same thing it always has- is a sign of God’s promise to us.  I am not into meditation or yoga or any of that new age astral projection stuff, I am just a normal guy with a crazy opinion.