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Posted:12/19/2010 3:58:26 AM
I was born and raised in Denver Colorado. I will tell you that when they built it that something is not right.To this day I know there is nothing right about it. I can not put my finger on it. There have been a lot of shit about the place. I was driving under the pass when a plane went over and it was wierd. I believe it is haunted. For sure.
Forum: Hell

Posted:11/6/2010 4:41:35 PM
Hmmm.... this is a vey deep subject because it touches base with all that has to do with life and creation. I found this VERY interesting and Realy makes you think about life in general. In some ways it also makes you rethink about life and how the world and society can just suck the life right out of you. You live,you breath,you learn, and you work your ass off. For what? For the government to just rule all that has to do with your whole being and life reasons. To control you in one way or other. Wheither it be work,family,food,and just plain living to servive. Some how in the process of life and creation it got lost or just plain changed in time. Skin color should not be and issue. We are all equal. Our level in the work field or where and how we live too. We should have alot more to say in happens in our "system". After all it is our life and our home. I can go on. What we do need to think about is what we can do to help this world a better place. It takes ALL THE WORLD AND THE PEOPLE to make a difference. It can happen if we all can get our shit together and make it happen. We are all brothers and sisters and this world is our home!!!!

Posted:11/6/2010 3:58:05 PM
I study on a lot of religions and spiritual things. What I found and believe is that there is good and bad. Light and dark. There is a creator and there is a soul in all of us and of all creation. To believe is with in all of us,if we choose. And how we choose to believe is our choice. Also how we choose to pray or worship. I truely believe that we don't need temples or churches to pray and worship the creator we choose to believe in. No matter where you are or who you are with, you can pray and worship and still be one with the creator you choose. I have nothing agianst the ones who choose to believe the dark but wish they would rethink about it. I,however am a light person and believe that all living things have a spirit and are connected to the creator. And we dont need to go to "church" to pray. You can do it any where. You'r relationship and prayers are between you and the creator. Not the preacher or priest you confess your sins to and pray in  the church.As for lucifer,devil,evil spirits ect... yes I believe they are here  and was put here to test our faith. If people that believe in the dark brought them here or they found door ways ect...I don't know but they do excist.I truley believe that GOOD will conqure Evil in the end!!!

Posted:11/6/2010 3:23:06 PM
Realy,think about it. What the hell are we eating anyway. I don't mean to gross people out but hey what are we eating any more? Processed,chemically altered hormone infested meat. Not to mention that when you go to buy a pound of meat it's not just one cow in that package,it's a few houndered or more in one package. Now they are talking about putting coloned meat on the market. Ewwww. All of it's gross. Also think about how these animlas have lived and been treated before they became our food. IT"S DOWN RIGHT WRONG. I my self ate meat,love hamburgers, until I looked into what realy goes on and how these anilmals are treated. Now I am a obal vegie. Which means I still eat dairy. But then thats another subject right there. Which I think is more human to eat dairy than meat. I am an animal lover before and now even more after I found what realy goes on in our meat industries. ITS JUST WRONG!!! There so much more out there to eat than animals. Think, what are you eating any way? Realy. It could be cow ass,chicken guts,pig dick! You realy don't know. I have found pieces of THINGS in my meat products that I have brought from the store. I will tell you it was shit that should not be there. I have bought meat that after we cooked it the grease was like pea green.(best i can discribe it). Take the time to realy look at what you are eating.NO THANK YOU!! NO MEAT FOR ME!!! I know there are alot of meat lovers out there and I respect that. But please take a moment of your time and think about it.

Posted:11/6/2010 2:49:42 PM
I have seen this video and have thought alot about it. Time travel has crossed my mind many times and I wondered if it could be real. And then again I do think it can be possible. First of all if you were to travel back or forward in time and meet your self what would happen? Can you change your destiny? Or even world and life events? What would happen? Is this why life is so crazy because people or beings keep time traveling and maybe changing events just by time traveling? It makes me think of the movie "Back to the Future." Hmmm.....

Posted:11/6/2010 2:39:21 PM
Have you looked into what you are experiencing? Have you seen these beings? I am wondering because I believe in all these things we talk about here and have yet to see these beings. I would realy love to see one or met one in my life time here. Most generaly they mean no harm. But there are bad ones out there. What have you experienced? I have seen a little shadow figure in the coner of my eye but I think it's just the little girl here that goes house to house. You would know what it is by gut feeling. Peace
Forum: soulmate

Posted:11/6/2010 2:31:24 PM
Yes,a person or soul you share a deep connection with. Like a best friend but they are more than that. This soul or person and you understand each other to the piont that you would think you are one person. Like you knew them forever and ever.
Forum: soulmate

Posted:11/6/2010 2:25:52 PM
I too believe that after death if two people want to share a "for ever life" together on the other side or in another life they can. And in another life they will find each other again. Not a soul mate but a kindered spirit who you share a great love and passion for life with. And a deep connection with each other.  A strong bond and love for each other. Some how we all will know in our souls if it's the right one or not. Listen to your instincts. Peace to You.

Posted:10/28/2010 10:06:46 PM
Im going to have to find the time to read all this but what I have read is VERY interesting and makes me think about whats going on in our country,I will have to comment on this when I read it all.

Posted:10/28/2010 10:03:38 PM
Awww,Patrock,You are not offending anyone we are all here to talk about things and tell what we all think about stuff and our expierences.