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Posted:9/16/2011 5:26:24 AM
Michael, your GA is prolly still around, just hiding from you. They knew ahead of time that you would grow up to be a great hunter of all things strange.

Posted:9/15/2011 7:04:53 AM
Well, Michael448xyz, I`m still trying to find my guardian angel. Until then, I`ll let you hunt the bad guys, and I`ll cheer you on.

Posted:9/14/2011 1:15:10 PM
LOL forgot to mention : you ppl are sometimes entertaining, also.

Posted:9/14/2011 8:09:16 AM
I`m not new to this site-I just don`t post. I read here every day, sometimes twice a day. Thoroughly enjoy reading all the posts. Lots of them really get me thinking. I guess I`m like everyone else...just looking for answers.

Posted:10/29/2010 6:04:12 AM
Tapuout: I feel exactly the same as you, but just couldn`t express it as eloquently as you did. You also brought up a few points that made me think.  Thanks for that.