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Posted:12/25/2008 12:57:11 PM
Since I made the 1st post, I've had this happen two more times. The same devices and the same results occurred. I was present for one event and came back from checking mail only to find the same problem had occurred again 2 days later. I don't feel threatened by the phenomenon nor does anyone else here in this house. If I had a guess why it's happening, I would say it's more akin to something or someone trying to get my attention. We've had other events here, like seen swift moving shadows out of the corner of the eye. Until the battery problems, we have always attributed it to imagination or something else. I have a bunch of computers in this room, so I looked at EMF as a possibility to those feelings. A check was run with an EMF detector with negative results, so we are looking for other explanations. A ghost hasn't been considered as we are looking for a more scientific reason. That doesn't mean we would discount that idea either. That's why I posted on this site in the hope someone else could offer another way to test the hypothesis.

Posted:12/1/2008 1:58:01 AM
I had an odd experience with batteries yesterday. I was watching the football game and working on my computer when all the batteries in my immediate area drained completely. I had an extreme cold feeling as if the window was open and put my feet back into a foot cover to get them warm. Soon as I did that I moved back to my computer work and my remote keyboard and mouse batteries were dead. I then checked the other devices around me and found that all the electronic devices using a battery were dead. I checked the batteries on 3 different multi-meters just to make sure they were discharged. Out of the 12 batteries on or around me at the time all of them were dead. I have some devices that I use rechargeable batteries in and these had a complete zero voltage charge. The new, as of Friday batteries in the keyboard and mouse were showing a negative charge as if the poles were reversed. Has anyone else seen this phenomenon?