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Enchanted Dreamings of a Fey )O(
Welcome to the Worlde of a Fated Fey, one who walks the Shadows between the OtherSide and this Dreamland. This is the Book of Shadows of a hereditary and self-taught Magickal Woman; a Dreamer who possesseth the lineage of Fae, Wytch and Starr Blood.

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Posted:11/15/2011 2:57:36 PM
Loves it Jeff.. walk the talk nd fight the good fight :D.. we are all here for a reason,, some have talents that are given for this very reason.  theyr is beauty nd order in chaos bcos it makes others think outside theyr square lil box nd see rainbows nd shadows in theyr 2d compartments :) 

Posted:10/30/2011 10:43:01 PM
Thanx Cody :D I had a dream Jeff pulled the cord too far nd went too far in,, nd he did didn't he?. don't do that cos we are not yet to go some places nd this is why :/ !!.. cody do u mind passing my new email on to jeff cos I defuncted my fb nd lost contact,, if he needs to have a chat later it is [email protected]  rebirthing the phoenix,, we don't really need to die once we understand the Concept of death,, give him time to adjust :)) tests won't show much I expect.. happy halloween,, Bella )O(

Posted:10/26/2011 11:19:33 PM
hopes ur feeling better jeff.. iv had a few full on weeks too,, aethers can be harsh but we get these things for reasons especially at this time. I had been thinking of u,, perhaps this is why :)) brightest blessings for strength, health nd clarity... bella )O(