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Posted:10/12/2010 12:00:46 AM
My wife and I had a similar entity plague our house many years ago but I know where it came from. My wife was trying to get rid of some 'shadow' issues and at a full lunar eclipse used a very strong spell to attempt it involving baking clay and placing the shadow issues in it. She admittedly was doing a higher spell that she had never attempted before. At the ceremony, she broke the clay disk and buried it. What ended up happening, unintentionally, was she actually created a shadow entity by mistake. In the weeks that followed the ritual, we began seeing a black, liquid like energy floating close to the floor. I was also not able to look directly at it. (I think this has something to do with the cones versus rods in our eyes, for some reason rods see the energy better than cones and rods make up the periferal vision spectrum.) It began getting into our pipes and electrical systems. At one point the toilet actually 'exploded' and our plumber was puzzled at the sight of a knob turning back on after he shut off the water. Batteries would drain in days in our smoke detectors etc. Then we noticed that it seemed to be growing and had a strange attraction to my wife. It set off buzzers on the stove etc. It grew to about an adolescent size when I told my wife she needed to get rid of it. She finally managed to contain it in a vessel. It seemed to respond negatively to me any time I took issue with it or her. I thought eventually I'd open the bathroom door and find it standing their at adult size ready to kick my behind. :) The reason I am reporting this to you is the similarity of the blob like aspect of the energy you described. It's probably not the same thing but there it is at any rate.
Forum: Ghost pic?

Posted:10/11/2010 11:40:24 PM
It's great to see you do the research. You are sharp. Thanks much for posting the information.

Posted:10/11/2010 3:00:36 AM
There was never a reference to God and Lucifer being father and son. The closest modern day correlation would be more corporate than it would be family oriented. Though I guess you are going with the God created everything idea. I definately agree that no book should be required to tell you what is right and what is wrong. If you need one then you are already hopeless in my opinion.

Posted:10/11/2010 2:53:02 AM
Yes and it's just plain evil. Giving a child a pretty rock, or badge in this case, for doing something so invasive under the guise of innocence is disgustingly evil.

Posted:10/11/2010 2:35:04 AM
From what I know, Lucifer was supposed to be the Angel of light and sound. So if I was so adept and slaving away working in that field for all of Heaven....bringing everyone TV, radio, electricity, making everyone's spaceships all posh, and Jehovah comes along and says, "Hey, by the way, I just created these humans (sure they are at a stage of scratching their behinds and sniffing their finger) but they like above you guys now". I'd be ticked off too.  I wonder if their wasn't a two fold thing going on regarding the Bible. If you look through the Old Testament, Jehovah looks like a pompous ass. A self important, self consumed, self congratulating, jerk. Jesus, on the other hand was nothing like that. Makes you wonder if his daddy really was Jehovah. I wonder if two things got mushed together when they really were separate. Just a thought.
Forum: Ghost pic?

Posted:10/11/2010 2:23:52 AM
Well, I'd say if it's not faked, it looks VERY much like they captured a ghost here.

Posted:10/10/2010 2:44:50 PM
How have you been feeling lately? I ask because sometimes we manifest things like this unknowingly. Has anyone around you done any heavy magic etc? Just curious. I would watch it for a little bit and see what else it does before you try and get rid of it. You may end up just pissing it off.

Posted:10/10/2010 2:39:13 PM
I believe Soviet Russia employed this tactic of using children to spy.
Forum: Mothman?

Posted:9/11/2010 11:58:19 PM
Forum: Mothman?

Posted:9/8/2010 11:09:30 PM
Not upset at all. Amused a little maybe. Hard evidence: landing marks, dehydrated soil in circlular pattern after eyewitness accounts, lazer precision cuts, declassified documentation, multiple witnesses, physical marks, radar, military whistle blowers. Just to name a few. Some of this can put a man away in prison but when labeled paranormal it is thrown out as having ANY merit.If people want to believe in mermaids, what is the harm? If a person wants to believe that god is a gnome let them. What is the harm? It seems to bother you that's for sure. If you are interested why do you just try and downgrade everything. Some people SEE what they SEE. You weren't there so how do you know at all? Even if they personally have little to know evidence it still may be something. I don't jump to believe everything. But, since I have seen things myself, I know that it is possible and I give eyewitnesses a little more credit....to a degree.Do you go to christian sites and poo poo their beliefs and stories too? I highly doubt it. Studies done almost every decade show that the higher the level of education, the more likely a person is to believing in the possibilty of Aliens. Why is that I wonder? I think it's interesting that the US government tried so very hard in the 50's and 60's to make out that "people" who say they see a UFO are back woods toothless farmer types. This is not at all true...not they don't see things as well. But this same mentality has flourished to today.When people on this site want to come out and "share" what they have seen. You make some, I'm sure, feel like they shouldn't. Because you tear apart their personal experience with a mash of 1/3 sleep paralysis mixed with two teaspoons of swamp gass, one crash test dummy, and two shakes of ball lightning. You just posted about sleep paralysis under a heading that asked for people to share their "paranormal" experiences. Yet you only shared that it may have been SP. So if I see a ghost in my room and it walks through a wall and then books fly off the shelf across the room on their own you "jump" to label it SP just because I may not have been able to move at the time. Even though that does not explain it all in the least. And the more you try and label it something from your "boring ol" world's bookshelf it ends up looking less and less likely that your explanation makes sense. More acceptable to the masses maybe but not necessarliy much sense. We have still not proven that all of the lore from the past WAS misidentifications. It's accepted by mainstream that that is what it was but there isn't proof of that either.I have no delusions about reality and having a 150 IQ I'm not stupid either. But with what has happened to me, I know that there is more to this place than the clump of dirt we've been told is all there is. I see a huge difference in the way I approach things and the way you do. You come at it with disbelief, hands down and "jump" to label with "boring ol" stuff. I leave the option open that there MAY be something to it. The difference is having an open mind to one that isn't (that would be you). I grew up not far at all from where this guy MAY have seen something so I have an interest in learning about what he MAY have seen. Do I believe it? Never said either way for sure just that I'd be willing to bet if he had a camera that he would have captured something out of the ordinary. Your "interest" in the paranormal seems to be one merely of quelling the ignorant of their belief in it and that is all.