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Posted:5/25/2011 1:34:21 AM
 The Lights vary from being small like a pinhead to half an inch in diameter, and yes I hear the ringing in the ear, sometimes I feel a weird shifting in the back of my head and can hear it; which is weird because hearing the shifting in the back of my head in a weird sensation. Yeah, I needed a confirmation of some sort. Thank you. 

Posted:5/23/2011 11:28:09 PM
Sometimes when I'm alone I can see flashes of light in front of my face, they typically are small circles and some are larger than others. The flashes of light are usually 4 colors: Green, Yellow, Pink and White. When I go to sleep I can feel someone touching my arm or my feet, it's been going on a while and I've gotten quite used to it. There's a voice I heard one time that said "How are you sweety?". I've also had a dream where a blonde female always hugs me as I lay asleep, in the dreams she says I can call her whatever I want but that she prefers the name Emma. The dreams have been going on for a while and sometimes I can hear her before I go to sleep, but most of the time I can't make out what she says. I also see symbols that I've never seen before in my mind, I looked up one of them on-line and found that it was the Greek symbol: Phi. I can see other symbols in my mind but I don't know what they mean. I also sometimes see shadows, even in public, but then there's flashes of light of different colors and the shadows subside for a time. Can someone tell me what they think of this please?