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Posted:8/8/2011 12:02:58 PM
 Energy /= Feelings.
Forum: 2012

Posted:8/8/2011 12:00:41 PM
 Sorry Ware - it's made up. Are you going to be okay?

Posted:8/8/2011 12:00:09 PM
 Primitive batteries /= Modern electricity.

Posted:8/8/2011 11:56:39 AM
 Monica - I recently read a post of yours, in it you misspely corroborate 'co-oborate'.You type in far from perfect English, and the idea of you trying to tell Ware what a dictionary is actually makes me laugh aloud.
Forum: 2012

Posted:8/8/2011 11:12:56 AM
 Well regardless Levinus, it's good to see someone questioning things. Spiritech - spelling magic with a 'K' is in the realm of pretentious mystics.And if you say "it's meant to seperate parlour tricks and real magic" I'll make it easy:There's no such thing as magic, and in case nobody filled you in: Santa Claus, Easter Bunny and Jesus - all made up too!

Posted:8/8/2011 11:05:27 AM
 Yeah... kick me out that'll show me...Unless I'm not stupid and know that it takes about half a second to make a new profile.This isn't a game show, spiritech, and you can't vote me out just because I have different views to you - trying makes you both a complete douchebag and a closed minded, sad little kiddie.

Posted:8/8/2011 10:59:46 AM
 Gemini truly is a noble man making a very good point and you're right to back him up.Oh, except that he made numerous personal attacks against me when all I did was ask for proof.The prick compared me with Hitler and told me he hopes my wife divorces me and I'm the one who assumes too much?I'm so sick of self righteous douchebags with internet connections living vicariously through their bullshit stories. Yeah okay, he's a scientist and ex-military and has nothing better to do with his time than post thousands of words against someone who dares to ask for proof.If he were, in fact, a scientist I think we'd actually get along - but people who seek truth don't fly into a rage when their beliefs are questioned; they follow the questions to their answers and adjust their beliefs based on the new truth they have uncovered.

Posted:8/8/2011 10:52:58 AM
 spiritech0 - According to Monica the 'essential' stuff happens to her; she has claimed to be abducted on a semi-nightly basis. All Ware and myself have done since those claims were made is ask her to back them up with evidence which she consistently claims to have but refuses to provide.She's a mystic and a liar. Stop defending her.

Posted:8/8/2011 10:50:53 AM
Monica...How about the photos you claimed to have?Just like the debunkers will always find a fault to debunk the 'evidence' you people find, hoaxers like Monica will add things to their story so that they can not be asked for proof of any kind.And I'm going to start doing something new:Line of the moment: Monica1968 said: "do you know how aerospace and such like work."

Posted:8/8/2011 10:42:27 AM
   "in Earth's history people have tendencies to abuse it, then it must be so for members of alien races with comparatively advanced technology" Must it? Aliens have to be exactly like humans?