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Posted:5/9/2013 10:23:08 AM
nope were not structural engineers. never claimed to be. just said we thought it was weird how they went down. and though bin ladens family are were structure builders. they were not on those planes that crashed into those buildings. they just orchestrated it. all that was said is how my father an i thought it weird that they both towers went straight down and how it would be nice to know from a structural engineer how and why they went down the way they did and why building seven went down as well.

Posted:5/9/2013 10:19:22 AM

Posted:5/9/2013 10:17:06 AM
While surfing the web i came across a site with interesting articles. One in particular peeked my interest. The article was String Theory and Ghostly Phenomena. It raised some pretty good points. What if hauntings aren't caused by trapped souls un able to move past their own regretts or death. What if its just a universe accidentally bumping into ours and vice versa. What would that mean to religion and our own mortality. Wouldn't it bring up the age old question once more...Where do we go when we die? That is if science is right.
However....If it is just another universe knocking, then how do we have EVP's that respond intelligently to questions asked about things that have happened in our universe. wouldn't it be safe to say that if it were another universe colliding with ours that they wouldn't know anything about what happens over here. Like we don't things about them. In less legitament psychics are picking up information from different universes and not the spirtual plane like they believe. I think its safe to say that this raises more questions than it answers, and defiantly makes your brain hurt trying to answer them all. Though its a question i suppose needed to be asked...but who and when can it be answered with fact?


Posted:5/8/2013 8:43:14 AM
Well i'm glad you never had to see the beast again. It is a very sad thing when children die. Especailly when their spirit lingers. Wish it was the way religion portrays certain things. Like if your good and blah blah blah you go to heaven. What on earth could a child spirit do to not gain entrance to heaven. Some things just boggle my mind. Hopefully the spirit has been able to move on and go to a far better place.

Posted:5/8/2013 1:04:02 AM
i liked it thank you

Posted:5/8/2013 1:00:11 AM
hallejulah amen bratha....seriously i just go one question for the supposed prophet ...WTF ARE YOU ON MAN SERIOUSLY and where the fuck do we the people get a bit

Posted:5/6/2013 1:53:06 AM
HOLY JESUS CHRIST!! OUR GOVERNMENT DID THIS!!! as much as i really want to belive this is all bull shit too much in my short life from what my mother, father, and just plain common sense and a little payin attention to your surroudnings not to what they tell you, says not only wtf but WHY THE FUCK!! yet even knowing the answer to that question doesn't make me less angry!!! maybe world order is needed!!!

Posted:5/6/2013 1:02:00 AM
What if

Has anyone stopped an thought why our galaxy only has one living planet with life? Has anyone ever stopped and thought why were are the only planet in our galaxy with living intelligent life? I'm more than certain the answer is yes, and don't get me wrong i am one of many who believe in the IDEA of ancientaliens , as well as the IDEA of godyet with all this belief in both. neither one explains why we are the only ones known. Do i think we are the only living planet out their in the wide spectrum of space. Hell no in FACT i pray an hope we are not. Though i do wonder a few things. If we were created from aliens why did they leave as the only living planet, why leave us so alone. Is it because were experiment. Look at any scientist administiring a test on a live subject. don't they keep that subject solitary confinement until their test are complete, while taking samples. IF i am wrong which i am not arrogant enought to believe i am then how do we explain ghosts. With the idea of god or aliens where do ghosts play a role. In religion it says we go to one of two places HELLorHEAVEN so why are the restless souls still lingering. If we do in fact orginate from aliens then why do we have ghosts shouldn't our engergy disperse into something greater??
All things i whish i even had an idea of the possible truth on.


If you can shed any sort of light on these questions or forward any information factual that gives a definitive answer on these questions god or alien knows i would love to hear it.

Posted:5/5/2013 9:30:00 AM
I loved reading your encounter about the little boy spirit. Did you ever find out who he was or why he was there?? And to WOWto the encounter you had with beast your stepmother conjured. Was she ever able to put it back to where it came from?? And if she didn't did it ever come back and visit again?? Is she still your stepmother?? Great story and thanks for sharing i'm loving reading these stories. I hope to hear more from ya'll!! Even if it wasn't your first i'd love to hear more from yah. :D

Posted:5/5/2013 9:18:54 AM
IF anyone has ever seen Paranormal Witness on the Syfy channel. Then you defiantly have to have seen the episode where a man recounts his encounter with a werewolf. If you haven't seen the show ITS A MUST SEE. IF you have seen the show but missed this particular episode i EMPLORE YOU TO FIND IT AND WATCH IT. It defiantly raises questions?