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Posted:6/18/2010 1:36:24 AM
I like to check in with Angels once in a while.  Is there anything like to share or say?

Posted:6/18/2010 1:29:56 AM
Sounds kinda like superposition. 

Posted:3/20/2010 1:24:34 AM
I'm hoping for a worldwide arora borialis(sp?)   and I agree that the calendar is cyclic, like everyother time keeping device on this planet.  It gets to the end and ticks over to start again. 

Posted:3/20/2010 1:18:45 AM
I like the idea that anyone can "cast out" a spirit.  Its based on the concept that it takes a tremedous amount of energy to express and manifest on this physical plane.  As humans, we're expressing to the point of manifesting a body to ride around in and experience the world.  A weaker spirit that is haunting or possesing has not evolved to the point of being able to express and manifest its own body.  So it tries to experience this world in any way it can.  It becomes frustrated and angry and begins to act out in various ways.  Much like a small child throwing a tempertantrum.  Because of the anger and hostility we asume its a demon or something evil.  But its more like that small child who needs direction and compassion, sometimes a little discipline.  I like this concept because it puts the power and ability in everybody's hands, instead of a small group of self-imposed authority figures.

Posted:3/20/2010 12:58:37 AM
Since when is the bible the final word on the description and existance of angels?  You see what you believe and don't see what you don't believe.  Its that simple.  Why waste time and energy arguing about it?  All are correct from thier own viewpoint.  Or not, if that is your truth.Thank you for the reading Zermagla.

Posted:3/19/2010 1:19:34 AM
I don't have a specific question, but I would like to know if there is anything the angels would like to share with me, or anything they think I should focus on now.  I use her Fairy cards sometimes.