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Posted:10/2/2011 7:04:40 PM
 Oh my goodness ,I haven't come on this site for awhile .Skeptic47 is this the only attention you get in your life why did you bother to come to this site in the first place I'm sure you would have a better time talking to your supossed multiple PHD buddys IF your telling the truth there ! I think I've wasted enough of my time writing you .Go find someone else to play with .  I believe the world is Flat ,and I don't have to show proof to anybody it's just a theory,just as anything about the unknown universe and it's inhabitants are just  theroys .If your so convinced about your theorys than nothing we tell show or write will covince you .You just sound like a nasty person looking for somebody to pick on you know ....a bully .  .I don't think Paranormal News is a debate site it's Paranormal NEWS .