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Posted:7/7/2009 10:57:41 PM
Lets talk about evolution for a second. What is the course of evolution and to where does it lead? What is the end of us? The practicality of our own form needs no further "Giant Leaps". Isn't it the creative ability of our own form that portends no further advances? Isn't it true that the path of least resistance will always be the chosen path? So what more do I need added unto me? This is quite a world of fire. So what is the nature of fire but to burn and consume. When does the world become applicable? What only through survival or adapataion? Or is the world always the furnace of the potter's clay?

Posted:7/7/2009 10:43:21 PM
There is conception. Its form. And its use. But you are right. It is the mind that sees the object of sense and its relevance to experience.

Posted:7/7/2009 10:31:44 PM
Adam was breathed into himself a living-soul. Through the Knowledge between Good and evil. People believe in Aliens but People cannot accept their own divinity which is beyond any alien. You hold a will to your own purpose.-- Then how come you do not know others hold a will to their own purpose? The Objective evidence is that Good exists. And if Greater Good can be conceived then that Will is held to its own purpose. The reason why no one cannot accept their own divinity is because they desire to see wonders and miracles...lighting bolts forming at a beings fingertips. People want the wild to be seen all the time and no one will accept what is Knowledgable only through suffering.

Posted:7/7/2009 10:16:10 PM
We are all one consciousness staring at ourselves subjectively.

Posted:7/7/2009 10:14:31 PM
The Knowledge between Good and evil.

Posted:7/7/2009 10:11:43 PM
Who would know the place in life but a child. When man shakes off his intoxication he will understand this.

Posted:6/12/2009 4:40:18 PM
What man lacks is the knowledge of the infinite. If the infinite were revealed to him all at once man would become utterly insane. I hear all this talk about aliens and whatever; however, what no one ever acknowledges is that the human form belongs to providence and is divine will. It is through reason that the soul not merely becomes a conception, but rather becomes our reality. How do we know this? The mind senses itself as an individual and is that individual. Through reason, we know that we are; and since we are, it is not as if--we cannot be. Where does the soul exist? Is it part of us, as in our flesh-body-being acting as its circumference. Or does it occupy a separate space that is somewhat apart from us? Through reason we can begin to see why the soul is apart from the body. If I lost my leg or never was born with one and my soul is whole then how could it be possible that our soul exists inside of us? Since I lost a fleshy leg does that mean my soul also has no leg? You see the soul is somewhat miscontrued when people believe that their flesh-body is the outward circumference of the soul. If my soul occupies the same space as I then what happens if I lose a leg? Does my soul leg fold up inside of my body? Or what about a floating limb?--Does that mean the leg of my soul exists outside and in place? And if so, if I lose my leg then the loss of that leg becomes the new circumference of my soul? What about the rest of my leg? The truth is that the soul is apart from the body, yet merely the mind sees it within the body; and therefore, I know it is my soul. The truth is that the flesh and blood is merely an avatar of our own souls. It is our incarnate presence upon the earth. And if there is such an incarnation then it is also possible that you and I and everyone do not share the same origins. In an infinite universe the possibility is infinite. That, spiritually, I may come from universe a and you may come from universe b. And if that is possible then is it not possible that alien Spirits may be among you and I? And therefore the outofthisworld alien presence is wearing a human skin?