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Posted:4/24/2010 6:11:12 AM
unfortunately the theories stipulated by regional continuity would offer a contest to the blacks are ancient. also if we go according to the process of evolution we would have to say that any drastically altered uman race is probably older then the modernized africans.at any rate any theory that can be shown to have reasonable doubt is therefore nullified.i have offered alternative possability.you therefore can not say with any assuredty that negroes are the ancient race.this makes the whole statement questionable.

Posted:4/24/2010 6:02:50 AM
bleeding beaks is the clue, disorientation is the other.flopping around..some gas bubble in the atmosphere.providing less stability.the theory of the bermuda triangle perhaps.some ion gas bubble maybe that didnt provide the required thrust upwards due to the weaker density of the gas.lack of oxygen and possibly just plain poisionous.the theory as it stands in bermuda triangle is that loads of methane goes up due to rotting sea vegetations and this creates a pocket of none air, making it impossible for props on planes and boats to stay up.can also screw up sensory do to the positively charged ions.be my guess, unless they isolate a pathology.

Posted:4/24/2010 5:56:09 AM
a straight line doesnt exist in nature.however, i can probably go along with the crystal idea due to it being on the moon.another intresting thing isho wit is white against the rest.so it means that we are seeing a slope of some sort, that rises high enough to catch the sun.yet it doesnt look that way does it.most curious indeed.when i watch water subliminate on my window during winter, it can mimic this type of shape.though the ice is way more defined.so it makes the whole premise of what it is a 50/50.ultimately i would have to say it is naturual.because none of the landscape near or around suggests any thing.nothing that would be archeological or buried.the mounds and depressions look quite normal surrounding it).exactly what it is i dont know.could be gas,frozen, or as we found out water is located on the moon.intresting find.thanks.