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Posted:3/28/2011 6:19:43 AM
 Bro  Jef :-)

Posted:3/27/2011 6:58:23 AM
 Former malay house near my house was a very haunted house, alot  of tenants share the story with me and my family of encountering unusual sights, I do hope my close friends living over there are all rite. do find history of the rental house before you move in from the neighbours but not from the owner, himself or herself directly. They will not reveal much, if not, no one dare to rent his or her house.

Posted:3/27/2011 6:54:20 AM
 For you unable to see your dad, just between you and your dad in different dimension, at different time, only when the time is parallel or rotten luck, then you able to see it. If you see it, do not let it knows that you able to see them. Keep quiet and keep it to yourself, share with your friend or close kins the following next day morning, i believe he or she will not be around there at that usual time. It is best not to see  such things and continue live in a normal life, because more ugly and terrible sights are out there around the world, such as headless spirit or flying head spirit. All these occur in a remote place, village or rural areas where no so many people live there. A place with many people lives there, alive people represent lights, the strength of lights will be very strong and they will not there to come.

Posted:3/27/2011 6:49:00 AM
 For you unable to see your dad, just between you and your dad in different dimension, at different time, only went parallel or rotten luck able to see it. If you see it, do not let it knows that you able to see them. Keep quiet and keep it to yourself, share with your friend or close kins the following next day morning, i believe he or she will not be around there at that usual time.

Posted:3/27/2011 6:45:07 AM
 The name for this known as "Yin Yang eyesight", "the dead and the life eyesight", able to see the dead and also lively people like us still alive and around.  Beside, your husband should not say hi or response to any spirit that get his attention. As i say, once you wave to them or say hi to them. They will follow you wherever you go. Because not all us able to see them. And your husband is the only one to see it and later will seek for their requests. Is best to get a pastor or priest for help in praying the house and the spirit with scriptures and holy waters. As for your death kins, they do visit us any time, because they miss us, either in the dream or sudden appear in front of you or anywhere, most of the time, happen in the very late night, just as what i have seen last few days late night while my family were out and i was alone in the house and morning is seldom to this sighting, only like your husband has the ability to see it. If you want to move out, move out when this spirit is not around at that time, do not bring along anything from that house,  Get brand new furniture, cupboards, bed and etc for the new house. Is better to keep quiet to see this kind of things, ignore it and move on, treat it as transparent. This is due to your husband response that why this spirit start to pester or visit him any time. Beside, this spirit come in the morning time or night time? 

Posted:3/26/2011 4:38:23 PM
 Display and handing some religion symbol at the front door or door step and also guest room as well as in your own room. Any past tenant's property left behind, like cupboard, beds or furniture at home?  Is your house fully close at time as well as window and do not let the sunshine shine into the house in the morning or afternoon?  With sunshine shine in the house, will ease or ward off them, but not night time, for safety and security purpose.

Posted:3/26/2011 4:28:31 PM
 It means that your husband is special with the special ability to see another dimension beings or spirit and the ability to command them off. With this ability, he is able to save people from evil spirit pestering and so on. No all of the people in this world, have that ability to do it. I have heard before that if a person is the "chosen one", just like one of the saint was born to save the people. I met an old man that had told me before and mention "the chosen one", however, i am unable to locate him. I met this old man is the time i work as a teller in the city area. Till now, i try to figure out what he says to me about the chosen one.  But when encounters with a powerful one, it is better to seek for the pastor or priest's assistance, do not proceed alone. I believe that there are other protector around the world with the special ability to save people from the evil spirit. Beside, some time, a person does not realize that he had already passed away and continue to approach people and chat with them or bypass them,  moreover, some spirit has undone or uncompleted fulfilment . Till the person realize his death, he or she will not be existed there anymore. As for your rented house, do find more history on the house which you live in from the neighbourhood  and also the surrounding. There are a few factors, this spirit may be belonged  to one of the past tenant's family or neighbour, other may be from outside or someone is keeping little spirit nearby, practicing black art. It is advice not to keep spirit, as this will shorten your life span, brings misfortune to the family, such as unexplaination incident and it will haunt him or her forever and also brings unnecessary conflict or quarrel to the family and cause luck running low as well as sickness and shorten life span. Practice black art or black magic is a form of exchange your soul  with evils. I strictly advice not to practice it. It will be very hard to ward off it. Furthermore,  sometime, this spirit unable to find their kins or feel lonely. I believe this spirit may know that your husband able to see him or you have children in your home. This spirit child will always seek for children to play with them, however, they are unable to see him or her. But is wise not to get her attention and ignore her just like transparent.  Better not to invite unnecessary trouble to the family. Beside, how you manage to get her name? So what is your religion? Do seek for your religion leaders' help  about encounters this spirit and also if she hurt your family members. If you find this spirit is good, then leave her alone.  Different spirit from different race, has the different solution to ward them off, this is depending on the spirit's religion faith and races. If you feel uncomfortable of living this house, do find a new house which is not rented and is freshly new, Do display religion items in the house. What is the race of this spirit?

Posted:3/26/2011 4:52:47 AM
For your husband who is able to see the spirits, this is an inborn ability or gift from the lord or christ. It is known as "Yin Yang eyesight", "the dead and the life eyesight."This ability is able to save innocent  people from evil spirits whom causing harm or disturbance to them with the assist or help from the pastors or priests to cast off the evil spirit. It is advisable for your husband to keep it to himself if he continue to see spirits lie around. Spirits need some attention from people, hope able to see them, to get their attention then seeking their help to fulfill their leftover or uncomplete request before leaving in peace. Some requests may be evil or good. For good, is to pass uncomplete messages to their kins and it is advisable with the pastor or priest around to assist it. Others are evil request, to seek for innocent souls. For all these, it is advisable not to approach their request and brings unecessary misfortunate or bad omens to the family, just ignore it. Ignore it, because if happen that they realise you are able to see them, they will start to pester you. Not only one spirit, later there will be alot. The Yin refer to the spirits, if it increases, the luck and the harmony of the family will be affected, there will be unnecessary conflicts or quarrels for between one another for no reason. No harmony and no peace in the family, worse of all, misfortunate comes along. Hence, this is the later stage. Beside, I guess your home is belonged to the past tenant. Those past tenant may be one of them pass away and left down their items or properties in the house, such as furniture, cupboard, bed and etc. It is advisable to renovate the house, clear away all the past tenants' old stuff and get new stuff of your own choice. Repaint and renovate the house,change the new design. Some may not like it or unhappy and unpleasant to see you alter, shifting or moving their exist furniture, cupboard, bed and etc to other place within the house. For clearing the old stuff and renovation, it is advisable to do it in the morning or afternoon where there is sunlight or sunshine around,  but not in the night time. Day time is good where the sun with sunshine and light is around, "the good conquers the evil which is the night". Bright lights bring blessings and blissful. Do seek for the priest or pastor to bless the house once it is renovate or getting a new house. However, from my point of view, do get a new house where no one has live there before. If you feel the house is very cold which means that someone or somebody is already somewhere around there in the house. Do share this issue with your pastor or priest whom is very senior and have good experience in this. Furthermore, it is advisable not to approach them, ignore it, spirits are everywhere, night time is the good time for them. Your husband will get use to it as the time goes by. Beginning will be frightening once discover the ability, but later stage, will get use. Do not response or catch their attention. If the house is being haunted strongly, move out to another house which is very new, no one has buy this house before but not a rental house. Living in a place where there are lot of people around. If you do not harm them, they will not harm you. They just like a computer graphic or flim over there, capture by time. Renovate it mean to delete the design and the computer graphic will not be there anymore. But is best get a very new house. Do pray every morning for the family and the house.Below is my friends, you may share this with them or seeking for their. You can find them at the facebook, copy and paste the URL address. However, you need to sign up the facebook to keep in touch with them, but you can also reach them via email. Their email and facebook URL address are below: James [email protected]://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000426390136 Abbot [email protected]://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1052122476  Priest Theodosius [email protected]@culcom.nethttp://www.facebook.com/theodosius?sk=info Best wish and best regardsSwordman76