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Posted:8/2/2011 8:52:41 AM
i have heard that there are 2 star gates near the Sri lanka.they has been fnd.but there a another star gate in Sri  lanka that didnt fnd.if this one also found and activate it then there will be a another bermuda triangle in there.there is a belief if this all(3) star gates activated there will be open a gate to the world which is the land of the builders of this gate /aliens.....anyway,..as to my opinion aliens have built gates in here to easy of their travel to earth.they can come through that gates to this land.that's why they dont captured by radars or satellite often....suddenly they rise and suddenly they lose....they know about this land more than us....!!!

Posted:8/1/2011 8:35:32 AM
thousands years ago they came here.they built  a association with inheritors in this earth..it wasnt comfortable.its hard...inheritors got so many grief. they built embryos with combination of inheritors and them.we are that children,homosapiens..we are a combination of aliens and humans lived in that time in earth.aliens gave their knowledge to this new generation.they(this new generation/homosapiens) got it and they built nuclear bombs,neuclear weapons,enormous buildings about 7000 yrs ago.pyramids and "mahabharathaya" are evidence for this.As to "mahabharathaya" Sri Lanka has attacked to India through their neuclear power.as to 'Ramayanaya' Sri Lankan kings have had air foces too.we got more evidence for this,A Sri lankan king of Ravana has transport by a air craft called 'Wamana'.that air track present also has in sri lanka in Wariyapola town.that air craft has got power through a solar power.and as to 'Ramayanaya' king Ravana has done plastic surgeries...........but unfortunately this all civilizations(hela and paraoh) has vanished or has annihilated by some 1 thousands yrs ago....who gave this knowledge to them..?who annihilated them?who build a gap between H.neanderthalensis and H.sapiens in human evolution?....answer for all this questions is ALIENS...and they are doing that things right now... 

Posted:7/31/2011 9:05:16 AM
some times it may be a delirium...or it may be a real ghost...if it's a ghost it should be a dead cousine of urs.coz its gonna help u.it would be really harm to u.some times it disturbs to valetudinarian.it may be leave from u....but i cant say it exactly.if it not gonna leave from u...it would be dangerous!!!

Posted:7/3/2011 12:54:48 AM
hey guys,i have heard some people who face to near death experiences got some psychic forces such as telepathy,healing some ailments etc.parapsychologist say it happens through out the tomporal lobe.when we are facing to a near death experience it stimulate our temporal lobe.they say psychic forces comeup through the temporal lobe.as well as i have heard temporal lobe could be stimulate because of sleep paralysis incidents too.but i'm not sure exactly about it.i wanna know from you guys,is exactly sleep paralysis experiences stimulate our temporal lobe and could it awake psychic forces ??

Posted:6/13/2011 10:36:40 PM
gud...i think i can give you more evidence about paranormal experiences...i have established a club of paranormal investigators in our school..there are people who can do some thing by their psychic powers...specialy in astral projection 

Posted:6/30/2010 11:11:37 AM
astral body!

Posted:6/27/2010 2:16:00 AM
hey,dnt u feel u r in dream?v hv parallel.isnt it? 

Posted:6/13/2010 8:03:43 AM
time is the changing.the difference of the spending second and the spent second.so it is a difference.the man who was before a moment is not in present.he was changed.now there is a new man.this is justice for every thing in this universe.the reason for this difference is energy.if we cause a opposite energy for each energy we can go to the past.but time will flow

Posted:6/1/2010 3:44:37 PM
I think their are two types of times in this univrse.that are our 'conscious time' and 'mechanic time'.their is a beat for mechanic time that we have created.(that mean we have consented that beat.).but in our conscious,there is another time.when our feelings speed is faster(that mean we are in so many feelings) we feel time is going very slowly.but when our feelings speed is slow(that mean we have some bit of feelings) we feel time flies.so we can consider time.but we can tell neither conciousness or physical things(pysical things in this universe)have created 'time'.it has created by the power of universe.because these two has created this universe.