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Posted:7/15/2011 7:13:31 AM
to gemini663181,i accept your apologe,and you can respond further if you like. i have noticed thangs that have been moved around the house, there was a time awhile back where there were footsteps on the stairs about twice a week during the daytime and eveing hrs. havent noticed anything latley,like in the the last month or so,i dont feel or notice anything outside of the house.I dont mean to get annoyed or upset with what people post.its just that somepeople seem to come up with the weirdest stuff to say,and most of it i just dont get. Im not saying there isnt other thangs out there like evil or mean spirits, its just that it hasnt happened. I have spoke to my husband about evil spirits and mean spirits and he say's he has come across some spirits that he has seen that he gets a feeling that that spirit is not nice, but he says he has always just ignored them and they have never bothered him. and I believe him. i believe he just someone who see's spirits and can comunicate with them if he wishes, i started this post in hopeing someone else would respond with saying, i do to,  but sofare with as long at this post has been up i have yet to realy come across someone like my husband. just someone that see's, and has a postive outlook on it, not a warning to go with it, or someone telling us to beware of what he does with his ability, because he doesnt do anything with it, its just there,and he cant help what he see's or where he see's it.   gtg  be back later.

Posted:7/2/2011 9:05:28 AM
To all who have reasonitly posted thanks for all of the advice.we do not use a ouija bored or any other kind of thang,never have. My daughter is 13yrs old, and linzy has started not comeing around has often as she used to,my husband feels that she may just be a her garudian angel of sorts for her,thats the typ of feeling he gets when she is around,and now that she is getting older she has slowed down on comeing around.she started comeing around when our daughter was about 3.so she has been around for the last 10 yrs,I just reasontily know about her because i just learned of my husbands abiliys just in the past yr or so.He doesnt see spirits all the time. sometimes 2 or 3 times a week, or maybe just once or twice a month, never in our house except linzy, and there has been a couple of tiimes there has been others he has said, but  never more than one at time,and they have only come once and then left, like they new he could see them so they came talked to him and they left when he refused to help them and they got tired of him ignoreing them, Dose that make since,kinda does to me. the house we currently leave in is a rental have been here for 5 yrs now and notheing bad has ever happened. the only bad spirits he says he has ever come across is when we have went somewhere,like a bar or club, or a store, like they died in that area so thats where they are attached to, he will see them or since them,ignore them and we leave, and we dont go back. The only spirit that i know of that he still see's about 2 or 3 times a  month is the ditch ghost but thats only because we leave near the ditch. the ditch ghost is always outside walking around, mostly by the pond near our house ,when we go for evening walks he will see him,he says ever once in a great while he will come up to my husband and say hi but he says normaly he keeps his distance and just nods his head to my husband as in saying hi i see you i know you see me.He has followed us home a few times my husband has told me but never has come in, and always turns and walks away once we have gotten to our driveway, My husband belives and gets the feeling that the ditch is where these guy died and is attached to it somehow, My husand thanks the guy doesnt realy belive he is dead so just wonders around, Please not comments about the ditch ghost being an evil spririt. I believe if he was he would have come in to our house, and would be bothering us now and his not and never has. well gtg for know. oh and i believe my husband is totally normal and that he was just born with a gift, ther is nothing wrong with is mental state,  

Posted:6/23/2011 12:12:04 AM
so nothing special has happend lately seems as thow thangs have slowed down, so boring, talk to you all later

Posted:6/19/2011 12:31:12 PM
Thanks monica1968

Posted:6/18/2011 1:25:37 AM
wish i could find when people where actualy on line so i could chat.

Posted:6/18/2011 1:22:58 AM
to monica1968, i dont mean to be rude,as you say, its just some people posting what they say to me is just weird, im interested in hearing what other people appionen is of seeing spirits and ghosts,my husband has seen them since he was little,has never been in  contact with a demon or evil spirit, ever, i just like to post what he has seen and i like to get others opionen on it, if you like to read what i post then great, its just that the only positive person on here that just likes to read it, likes it and doesnt judge seems to be spascat so thats why i post that earlyier post to that person, honestly i didnt even read your post, so for your reply to kevin now that i have read it, good for you, kevin is a type i would rather not hear from either,  so im sorry if i seemed rude b4 diddnt mean to. dont realy have anything else to post right know  so chat with you all later 

Posted:6/14/2011 2:16:24 AM
ok so im realy bored to night, would like to chat with someone but know one on the chat forum im interested in chatting with; on this web page they all seem stupid or werd, maybe its just me, i know its late and all but everything i read on this web page just seems stupid,  if you have know clue what im talking about then just dont comment,

Posted:6/14/2011 1:31:27 AM
hey  spacat nice to  see who are steeling reading look me up on facebook sometme like to chat with you , kat is short for part of my name im sure you can figure it out, wichts ks, and i have a  colts empem as my facebook profie, now im sure every one reading this could find me but for some reanson im sure i will now the real spascat when i hear from them, getting tired of this  forum if you know what i mean probley wont post anymore stores unless i get a real intereste  going to long on to facebook and play some games night  all   kat

Posted:6/14/2011 1:22:01 AM
for the last two people who commemnted you must be nust be  and dont belive so im not going to waste my time. went to my sister in laws just the other day now she has abilitlys also just not the same she can since but cant see, so she asked her brother my husand if there was something in her basement witch is where there bedroom is, its was during a bithday party we went down just to get a tour, never been down there befor, and my husband opened the closet door and took a step back when he did so and said oh  so this is the closet my sister in law said yes , i get a weird feeling when i open that door, what do you feel, my husband said nothing and closed the door, what he realy saw he told my later and his sister and husband was the spirit, it was stand right there when he open the door, told them he didnt know why it was there but that he thought the spirit liked to play games and thats why they would wake up in the morning to thangs out of place or hear noises at night, nothing to worry about,maybe after awhile he would get bord and leave,   isnt that weird,    should would like to hear back from those who see also or stealing reading this, if you dont belive then dont leave a comment, ists rude to us who do,

Posted:5/22/2011 1:13:29 AM
so linzy came around today, turnd the box off on the tv,like she always does about twice a week. mu husband said this time for the first time ever, they box is going to go off and within 3 secounds of him saying it  it happend, he said linzy is here, i said well tell her to turn it back on. he said she wont, just like turning it off. I said well tell her to leave the box alone and go see the kittens.  My husband said she as already seen them, she came from the bedroom, witch is were the kittens are.  we just came home from a friends house tonight about 930 and my husband said stay out here on the pourch want to check the house out first b4 you come in, and he said it realy mean like, listen to me, dont come in until i tell you to kind of voice, of couse i didnt listen. I walked in and stood in the leaving room, while he walked around thel house,  he finaly said ok evrery thang ok, then he realized we were already in the house. I asked him what he felt when he came in the house, was it a spirit thang or what, he said know  it was a creepy thing like there was danger in the house and he wanted to check it out b4k we came in,  he gets those kind of feeling also right b4 something happens sometimes. im just happy he was wrong this time. because losts of times his not wrong.   tell you more late, for those of you still reading;