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Posted:2/23/2012 5:41:05 AM
Same here, never seen anything myself but i have always been intrested in all aspects of the paranormal. You are not alone. Would love to see something tho.

Posted:1/19/2012 6:10:26 AM
some sites i found on it. Still no answer.
found site 1
found site 2

Posted:1/16/2012 11:45:22 AM
Beautiful here in FL. Chill and sunny, Perfect weather. Which is also very strange.

Posted:1/16/2012 4:14:03 AM
Cant go from level 1 - 10? Speak for yourself, lol. J/K. But good way of putting it.

Posted:1/4/2012 6:33:16 AM
reminds me a little of rumplestillskin.

Posted:12/19/2011 11:45:43 AM

Posted:12/19/2011 6:38:18 AM
The eyes look like there following me lol!

Posted:12/16/2011 5:40:06 AM
Forum: waking

Posted:12/15/2011 6:07:56 AM
Jeff did u ban omen?

Posted:11/29/2011 4:09:24 AM
Maybe its a sign.