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Posted:11/11/2012 7:30:36 AM
Hi I'm new here!!
I want to know how I get in touch with my natural ability to sense & feel spirits?
When I was young I use to see spirits & talk to them but, after my dad drilled into me that they weren't real. I lost my ability to see them & speak to them. I had some great experiences & I've had some horrifying experiences as well.
I must tell you that I dabble a bit in witchcraft but, I don't need books, potions or other things to make my spells work. It just comes naturally!
I've had several readings done including psychic readings, Tarot & Numerology. All of these said that 1, I am a natural born witch (I don't really believe that!) the most interesting was my Numerology reading...My Master number was 11 & my soul number was 44. Both these numbers are very rare & powerful numbers. One I have a heightened sense to the spirit world & a direct link to it as well. I'm also suppose to have psychic abilities. I'm not sure what all of this means & I would like help getting in touch with these abilities & being able to get in touch with the spirit world. I would really love to be a paranormal investigator only I want to be a real one, not a fake one trying to get money.
Thank you in advance to all who respond & please be nice!!!