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Posted:7/29/2010 5:13:46 PM
there is no God.....the true god is just your mind.  the awareness and the conciousness of the self. for one to realize they are part of the earth and the universe as matter and energy. Once you can understand that we are just a miniscule part of the convergence of atoms and electricity in the universe it all makes sence. we're just another organism that has grown and developed they way we have simply becuse we are bound by the laws of physics and we just wouldnt exist if we didnt have the earth and an atmosphere. People have lost sight of the true meaning of life. the true meaning is......We are not all that important......we are just another living organism that has developed an awareness of the self......unlike a bacterial organism or a rock. it doesnt question why it exists - it just simply does. . Because of this fact, we have learned to regard life as something precious as we have an understanding that something living has to come to an end on the concious level. we just exist on a ball in space, like anywhere else somewhere out there. if we were to dissapear, the universe would just consume all the matter and energy in order for an equilibrium in the universe. our life energy would be absorbed into the universe. 

Posted:7/29/2010 4:57:45 PM
if you can travel through time then I would consider that you could only go back as far as the day that the time machine was invented. you cannot go back any further that that because time travel did not exist back then.if you lived in the year 2295 and the machine was invented in 2100, then you can go back as far as the year 2100.this is why you will never see someone appear in a time machine in our years now. the law of time does not allow you to go back any further that when sonething has been created.