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Posted:8/1/2014 10:10:10 AM
An 'Ancient Advanced Alien Intelligence & Technology' capable of inscribing photo-detailed hologram codices on the surfaces of stone (a process incorporating stone vitrification) can be readily deciphered using modern 'Spectrum Specific Illumination.


The resulting projections manifest as the oldest video images known to mankind...and the message is from 'One Who Calls Himself...GOD'...!

Just-the Facts...PEACE...

Posted:8/30/2010 9:58:34 PM
      Please forgive this interjection...for a photographic projection of the ark and the God who saved humanity in the Altrahasis and Genesis 6...http://www.impactoptics.com/genesis-1.htmlAlso illustrated a the Egyptian HORUS...His eyes watching over humanity...http://www.impactoptics.com/images/horus1_36x24d-web-1.jpgResearch with petro photoglyphs...stone engraved, time capsule photographic messages from and ancient and unknown intelligence...the One we call God!Why translate apis lazuli tablets when a stone etched hologram video projections clearly detail the entire message.  This includes a stone engraved star map locating the celestial object and its projected course.  Published online information by the only research entity dedicated to petro photoglyph discovery and translation.