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Posted:7/9/2008 3:22:41 PM
Forum: silence

Posted:4/18/2008 10:51:55 PM
guess you finally found a way to do it!

Posted:4/9/2008 12:53:19 PM
I truly believe that your education is fine,and that we will all have our own percievement on the issue.I try to bring a discussion to all things important to me,and to get others views for more interpretations.Please educate me. From my percievement and for further discussion,I believe that this might just create a greater magnetic pull from our earth and that we will have a greater pull towards us.Attracting things from outerspace,like more astroids comets and space junk. I also believe that smashing anything nuclear cant be a good idea,for we are made of particles and atoms and anything that might start a chain reaction in smashing them is a bad idea. On black hole issues,I believe that to some degree that wormholes and other anomilies are possible too,and that they really are not good for any galaxy. On time travel,I believe there are two sides to this issue,we will either save ourselves,or we will destroy ourselves. All these issues accept mine have been discussed from this machine.But I just through it into the mix. Have you had a chance to check out those sites,Harper.

Posted:4/7/2008 8:37:03 PM
you can also find info here. http://hubpages.com/_3r7f681ygcy8c/hub/Angels-and-Demons

Posted:4/7/2008 8:27:36 PM
I heard there is suppose to be new activity in the subduction zone cascadia I red about it on a site. http://hubpages.com/_3r7f681ygcy8c/hub/The-Subduction-Zone-Cascadia they talk about a warning report in 2007 for april this year.

Posted:4/7/2008 11:57:45 AM
http://www.ctv.ca/servlet/ArticleNews/story/CTVNews/20080405/black_hole_080405/20080405?hub=SciTech Walter Wagner is taking them to court to stop it. And please look into,it does sound like quite a story,though I know it probably wont stand in the courts.

Posted:4/6/2008 1:07:32 PM
it has been granted a full power start up.

Posted:4/6/2008 1:06:05 PM
Dan Brown's Angel & Demons book talked about london's partical accellerator has been granted a full power start up may 2008,my news broadcast ctv news called it "the end of the world" you can read about it here. http://www.physorg.com/news101730821.html this machine is the largest of its kind and is designed to smash particles so they can take a picture,and chart the beginning of the world.Or is it the end.
Article: 666

Posted:3/25/2008 9:48:59 PM
Why do you seek the end,when you have not yet found the beginning.When you find the beginning ,there the end will be.Then you will marvel. Man was cast to the earth,and his time is short,so he makes haste. Yet he hides himself,though he seeks to be known. Mankind is evil and yet good.He either shows his good and hides his evil,or he shows his evil and hides his good.All the while Mankind just wants to be known.Then the light(knowledge)that was created,and that which divides the light from the darkness is seen as a good thing. He who knows the world and has seen the corpse will marvel.

Posted:3/18/2008 1:25:19 PM
not the great healing way!