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Posted:11/2/2012 7:15:28 PM
Samantha Davis was a little girl who grew up in Ohio. When she was a baby, she witnessed her mother stabbing her father's throat out and then hanging herself afterwards. Samantha was then placed in foster care until she was adopted by an old fashioned but kind hearted family. Samantha was a silent child. When "tammy" her mother would try and talk to her all Samantha would say was "mors omnibus" a term later discovered meant "death to all" in Latin. Her adoptive family grew very concerned and called a therapist. The doctor came to their home to examine Samantha and his reports were uncomforting. He told the family that Samantha seemed to have an obsession with a boy named Marcus. He asked if they knew of a Marcus but Tammy and the others said that they had no idea who this Marcus boy was. Three days after Samanthas 12th birthday, she disappeared leaving her house burned down with only Carrie as the soul survivor. That same day a boy named Marcus Crowley disappeared.

Posted:9/30/2012 11:41:48 PM
hey don't listen to these people because what you are seeing are premonitions; especially if the deaths you are seeing are strangers' deaths. Try and use your power instead of fighting it