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Posted:11/16/2012 3:48:39 AM
(1888PressRelease) Hydrogen-on-demand produced using only water, paper and scrap aluminum Tulsa, OK - More than 35 gallons per minute of hydrogen was recently produced using only water, paper and scrap aluminum. This rate of hydrogen production was sustained with no energy being added to the system after the water was heated . "35 gallons per minute is only the starting point," said a spokesman. "The production rate can be increased to any desired level of production, up to thousands of gallons per minute of hydrogen." This simple technology represents an alternative-fuel leap forward because, in the past, higher levels of hydrogen gas production have required a proportional increase in input energy for previous methods of hydrogen generation. The new breakthrough solves this drawback, common for all existing hydrogen production methods, including all electrolysis and thermochemical methods. The new breakthrough is based on the discovery and development of a process that uses only scrap materials and in

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