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Posted:11/26/2013 4:12:36 AM
I didn't have time to read (nor did I feel inclined) all of the other posts about this. So here is the deal. Time travel is real and it isn't.

Firstly, using a few fancy equations, we can slow/speed up the rate of change in matter/energy relative to another fixed point. Assuming the two different points have separate inertia and a few other variables like gravitational influence, curvature of space...etc. This is seen all the time with our satellites, which have to be continually reset to a correct time. Time for our satellites passes differently than time for us. So, in a way...that is time travel.

Time travel in the respect of Dr. Who style....eh...not so much. Here's why:

So most people get that time is our fourth dimension, right? Our third is...well....us. Length, width, height. Three dimensions. Up, across, and through. XYZ. However you want to think about it.

Fact is...we are 3D creatures. Now...if I ask you to move through the third dimension, it isn't that hard. Firstly, you already OCCUPY at least three dimensions. You can move any which way you please, but those three dimensions are a...inherent property of YOU. As an extra bonus feature, we can see cross sections of the fourth dimension. Need an analogy? Think about putting a ham through a meat slicer. A meat slicer that can cut an infinitely small slice. That slice is a 2D representation of the ham. So a 2D person can see only a fraction of what the real ham is. We can only see a slice of 4D. Like a picture. Or a documentary. And we can't move through time freely. No more than a meat slicer can do more than one slice at a time.

So think about this. A 4D creature...like...Dr. Who...wouldn't really see time the way we would. If a creature COULD time travel...why would it? Would you voluntarily be smashed into a pancake 2D version of yourself? Why would a fourth dimensional creature willingly stop in our limited existence? They would see our timeline..their timeline...maybe ALL timelines as a solid compilation. They would see the entirety of our lives as a single smudge of time. All points simultaneously. They would...to conclude...see the whole ham.

For a fun little brain excersize...ask yourself and try to imagine...what ELSE would they see? Just like we can take a picture...what would a 4D person take pictures of? Probable outcomes. You could turn left or right.... A 4D person might be able to look at either outcome...one at a time.

So again...I doubt a creature with that capability would limit itself to travel within a single...specified time frame....simply to alter events that it ALREADY knows about. Why bother? It would be like putting a second straw in your beverage. Two separate paths, but you probably know the end result.

Posted:12/18/2012 6:13:35 AM
The Scole experiments can barely be called that. There were all sorts of preconditions that had to be met. Lights had to be off, certain things HAD to be in the room, etc. It isn't an experiment without a control. Just because a lot of freaky things happen in a room...

I highly doubt that it would stand up to the rigors of my own inspection. I watched the documentary and got the strong feeling the room was rigged with lots of gimmicks. And, despite the proclaimed YEARS of research...they had about five seconds of footage and none of it was conclusive at all.

While I firmly do believe in the existence of ...something...after death, I don't believe the nonsense in the Scole room was anything but trickery. If I was in their situation and had a fraction of the evidence they claimed...you can sure as hell be I'd have video, pictures, control groups, duplicate experiments to get the same results, pages and pages of data with moon phases, solar activity, my own health... And I would get similar things from a massive group of experts. Doctors, physicists, engineers, psychologists. Where is their data? Their footage?

Posted:9/3/2012 7:43:22 AM
I'm not really surprised you are seeing things like that or dreaming them. Every day there is news of death and destruction, and the media loves to find it and broadcast it. Earthquakes, hurricanes, or today...a bomb in Pakistan.

You might just be having anxiety or fear. It seems to me that there is a general consensus among everyone...a sort of unspoken agreement that "something" is about to happen. Or that things are changing. Everyone is a little on edge, and I bet there might be a little mass hysteria brewing.

I would assume you are just sensitive to a lot of the chaos these days. However, if your visions prove to be prophetic...accurate...you should share that. Do they feel like things that are GOING to happen? Do they have a sense of familiarity?

I don't really believe in hell. There isn't quantitative evidence for it. But there IS quantitative evidence that suggests people can witness future events, or current ones remotely.

Posted:8/24/2012 9:13:23 AM
I wouldn't be surprised at all. Music is a global phenomenon, and its principles appear in societies separated by thousands of miles. Concepts like harmonics, multiphonics, and pitch control are seen in traditional music from societies that historically had NO contact with one another.

I would think that a great deal of structures were recognized to help in harmonics for chanting and religious music.

Youtube up some mongolian throat singing. Or "overtone" singing. This is some pretty ancient music and it would sound amazing in am amplification chamber.

Posted:8/21/2012 7:50:20 AM
You know what this sounds like? This reads exactly like a randomly generated paragraph. I get the impression someone is trolling.

Posted:8/17/2012 9:20:12 AM
Pics or it didn't happen. Typing entirely in capital letters all but nullifies your claims, and certainly doesn't lend any urgency to what you have to say.

Posted:8/12/2012 6:46:41 PM
My brain just imploded.

Posted:8/5/2012 8:17:39 AM
I agree with spiritech. Acoustic resonance can be achieved by practically any medium as long as it is shaped correctly. But finding a crystal shaped properly would be near impossible. Tuning forks are designed by their composition and shape to resonate with specific frequencies. The more expensive the set, the more specific the frequency. Also spiritech said the key word "electricity." Crystals come alive with that stuff, mostly because their molecular structure is highly organized, like a superconductor.

Your statement "resonance of a musical note in tune with another has an effect on the universe" is awkward for me. Firstly...no. It really doesn't. Scientifically, you could make all the cacophony you want and it wouldn't compare to a second of the noise on the sun's surface. However, I will agree that it has an effect on people. Music is...quite honestly...the most amazing thing humans have created. Aside from cinnamon rolls.

But again, music doesn't change or add any sensory ability. It can help us change brainwaves and a few physiological states, but that is it. I'm getting a huge Bill and Ted vibe from this whole discussion.

Posted:8/5/2012 8:02:16 AM
Nope, it is bogus and they want your money.

Here's why. They are confusing two different kinds of science. Firstly, calming music DOES have a pretty impressive reaction. People can induce alpha brain waves much more quickly if they are relaxed using music, warm milk, a soft blanket.... These states are not some sort of altered consciousness that encourage lucid dreaming. They are states you will go into anyway during normal sleep cycles.

All this nonsense about two different frequencies hitting different ears.... Complete idiocy. If a pianist plays a perfect fifth using C and G, the both notes are registered in both ears at the same time, which is vastly more complex. Essentially, if there was any foundation to their claims....you would slip into an altered state every time you heard Fur Elise, ACDC, or any combination of the harmonic series.

So to answer your question...yes. We can measure brainwaves which DO change according to external stimuli like music. To answer it in more detail...no...these binaural beats are just a con to get money. It is no more effective scientifically than listening anything else you find comforting.

I might also point out that there is a popular method now of advertising things that don't apply to us. For example, a TV with a refresh rate of over 160 hz is just a con to get your money. Why? Because our brains can't tell the difference after 160 or so. I haven't looked into it, but I'm sure a bitrate has a limit too. I know that as we get older, the higher bitrate we need to retain auditory information. But most people can't tell the difference between 92 or 128 kbps, let alone 300.

Also, I do know that mp3 encoding drastically reduces the bitrate. This is to reduce the size of music, not the clarity. True music connoisseurs record in analog where there is a massively high bitrate. But to the layman, we couldn't tell anyway. But having a high bitrate doesn't mean you can induce magical stages of consciousness. For that, we have to meditate and train ourselves for many many years.

Posted:7/29/2012 11:09:59 PM
Primal, I'd be very interested in your documentation for meta-analysis. Science has indeed brushed on the topic of crystals and their oddities.

They are bizarre growing minerals, varying in density and completion. They keep time, they split light and they are uniform from the molecule on up.

In the case with water crystals, they seem to respond to human emotion.

Would you like to share you information with me?