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Posted:1/7/2013 11:29:59 PM
What religion are you in?

Posted:1/7/2013 11:22:01 PM
I understand. Nd another thing what is a dream with a dark blue ocean?
Nd another question why can I sometimes hear thoughts just asking my questions as of what moves would I wanna make .. well basically just like conversatin with my mind nd sometimes could have me talking to myself..

Posted:1/7/2013 9:45:51 PM
Sorry about the spelling made a mistake

Posted:1/7/2013 9:43:35 PM
I need to know what can Illuminati do to help a person who wants to be successful and reach there goals.. and the mins control plays a big part of there job witch it works... and I im new to this site so
iwanted to learn more about the Illuminati overall and where could they lead you to