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Posted:10/9/2008 11:57:24 AM
Wouldn't a dream produced by random unintelligent brain activity be meaningless? Would it even have well drawn imagery? Would your actions match the imagery? It seems strange to me that a piece of my brain could match my actions in the dream to the imagery without thought. For example if I am scared in the dream why would that emotion be well matched with scary imagery? Also I have had dreams with a plot. For example, in one dream I set out to go somewhere and later in the dream I get there. Even that type of simple combination of thoughts would suggest that the dream was created by an intelligent being, random brain activity would produce a completely random plot with no evidence of a memory on the part of the 'dreammaker'. The matching of my actions to the imagery seems to be the most unexplainable though, is a piece of our brains genetically wired to matching the imagery with our actions in the dream? The nature of dreams is common to many people, it's not just my brain that does this. It could be that some dreams are just random unintelligent brain activity but if you read through the blogs you'll find lots of evidence for intelligent dream creation. I don't know where the intelligence I've witnessed comes from, it could be that I was just unfortunate enough to be born with a piece of my brain detached from the rest and thinking on it's own. Lot's of people seem to have witnessed dreams that match thought control to imagery though so this doesn't seem to just be happening to me. Some people believe in demons and angels. I'm going to suggest a telepathic species. It could be such a species knows how to replicate from one brain to another and survives by parasitically living off our brain tissue. Or perhaps they think with some other material than brain tissue altogether. We know that iron has the computational property of being able to store information, we use magnetic materials to store information on our harddrives. What computational properties are required to sustain intelligent thought? Could a species live in rock, surviving on heat. Water might not be the only substance capable of producing life, and there is lots of rock that has been sitting around for many years in the universe, waiting to evolve the capacity to think. There are also other phenomina altogether, we use electrical pulses in our brains to think, what other physics allow thought? Also many people believe in synthetic telepathy and mind control, are other humans playing with our heads? In truth I obviously don't know, I just know that I have witnessed intelligence that does not appear to be properly scientifically documented. I'm going to continue studying functional imaging and neural code. Consider examining your own dreams for signs of intelligence, maybe go through the first paragraph again to help you do so. Many people suffer from nightmares so it would seem that not all of the beings creating our dreams are friendly. Please consider spreading the concept of intelligence testing of dreams so this matter can be studied. Warren Harding www.telepathicsecurity.com