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Posted:6/17/2012 4:13:26 PM
It's an illness we have to live with im affraid, our chemistry of the brain is not normal so we believe everything said or done refers to us however medication can help with this. What medication are you on if you do not mind me asking?

Posted:6/10/2012 4:47:10 PM
yes and am a paranoid schizopherenic no piss take either mine is more of a belief though not a thought.
Forum: An apology

Posted:6/10/2012 4:32:50 PM
Can i offer my apology to you, i gave you a hard time before and it was stupid and ingnorant of me see i suffer from mental illness and well i have a few issues but im sorry, im new here too and being so spiritual i kinda began to assume others were all that way on these sites, and i guess i was wrong. Im a firm beliver in life after death and im not delusional in my belief. I suggest you read up on the subject and find out for yourself what you believe. To be honest i can only write my experiences but you need to experience something yourself to know. Take a leap of faith you may find the anwsers you seek. Again im sorry we got off on a bad note.

Posted:6/10/2012 4:22:33 PM
I must say i do aggree with this statement however if we look at how technology and media influence life today more than ever, we are constantly reminded of the bad things going on in the world. What about all the possitive things in life, your alive for god sake people live for the day.

Posted:5/22/2012 11:50:52 AM
I mean did you really think i didn't notice how you mock us believers, what i did above with "alately" i did for a reason and you fell for it, so what is your purpose here then if not to mock? I can spell very well thank you.....

Posted:5/22/2012 4:10:58 AM
see rude, plain and simple........

Posted:5/21/2012 12:12:13 PM
Erm have you been on facebook alately? who wants to know what others are eating, wearing, or when someone brakes wind? We come this site with experiences of our own and an understanding you do not seem to have called respect.....Oh look someone on facebook just tagged you in a photo lol. Do you get where we are coming from now? We are all educated mate some more than others, but i find you irritating.

Posted:5/13/2012 4:59:12 AM
Go back to facebook

Posted:5/13/2012 4:50:03 AM
Your wrong is that what you wanted to hear? Im not even going to waste my time explaining why to you, your clearly on the wrong site.