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Over 60 pages of pictures-orbs and apparitions-if your looking for a site with TONS of pictures... this is the one.
Dr. Joyce Reardon has been a professor at the university for 15 years, becoming the Paranormal Studies department chairman in 1999. In 1998, she began researching the mysteries of Rose Red after discovering Ellen Rimbauer’s diary. 

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Posted:11/8/2008 2:43:17 PM
The only problem with that logic is that I dont really like beer. A Fosters rarely but thats about it. What will be left for people like me? A really good ' Sex on the Beach ' (the drink - dont get excited) but that requires extended collection of liquor and cranberry juice (among other things) you should right a poem about that.

Posted:11/1/2008 8:18:30 PM
Have you seen the movie "Land of the Blind" with Ray Fiennes? You should rent it if you havent. I would love to hear what you thought of it.

Posted:11/1/2008 8:12:53 PM
You inspire me to write again... I always loved your poetry b/c it was funny, not so dark like mine tends to be. I love this one b/c it expresses exactly how I feel about our country today. That said, I like 'our' coffee shops in bookstores, subliminal movies (and yea I'll go buy anything you can fit in my subconcious), computerized oblivion. Im not sure I want to be unplugged from the matrix, despite the fact that I know Im plugged in. Im a strange mixture and I think I represent a portion of society. I believe in some conspiracy theories, support my husbands survivalist attitude and still want to have a latte when I want it. hahaha (I laugh but its not so funny on many levels). Anyway thats why I love this poem. Should I break the chains? Is there anything better out there?
Forum: Hello all!

Posted:11/1/2008 8:00:24 PM
It has been a long time. I wasnt even sure if my password would still work. I've been moving all over the place, from NC to CO then from CO back to NC (got married inbetween there) now back to CO. Working Working and more working. I think Im settled in for a while atleast. Doing research on the "green fireballs" (or so Im told theyre called) that I have been seeing in the sky for the past 3 yrs. Im still not sure if theyre explainable or not. My best friend is convinced that I am one of generations of my family being abducted b/c of my "paranormal" (not sure what to call it) sensitivity and my terrible dream patterns. Anyway that is my life up until now. How are you doing lately?

Posted:10/31/2008 8:53:02 PM
My best friend is reading a book called "Revealing the Secret Alien Agenda The Threat" by David M. Jacobs who has a list of questions that can tell you whether youve been abducted or not. Included in those questions are if you have night terrors, paranormal or ghostly experiences etc. He believes that ghostly experiences are implanted memories to cover what actually happened. I have never thought Id been abducted but have an open mind to aliens in general. I have unbelievable night terrors but have never considered alien abduction. Does anyone have any opinions on this author or the ghost vision implant theory?
Forum: Hello all!

Posted:10/31/2008 8:39:06 PM
Well hello Idlesniper I'm also a fairly old member that most no one will remember. I just recently decided to get back involved and see how the website had evolved. Its looking pretty good, different but good. With your mother as a medium you must have an up front source for most of your questions. What do you or your mother think about the 2012 prophecies?