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Posted:5/5/2013 6:07:37 AM
I wonder if reincarnation fits into paranormal? If so mine was something that happened shortly after my birth. I was being held by a nurse as she was talking to my mother before handing me to her. Strangely I was able to clearly understand everything she said to her. This memory predates every other memory I have, and I have remembered it clearly for 58 years now. Even as a child it struck me as strange and unusual, and while I don't remember any details of another life, I clearly remember thinking it weird that the nurse was able to hold me and wondered why she was saying what she did as I could understand every word. (Don't bother asking what it was as it was of a personal matter I don't want to discuss) My next clear memory would date at least two years after this one. I always believed that if I was reborn whatever knowledge came with me faded out rather quickly as I had a normal childhood afterwards.

Posted:5/5/2013 5:49:29 AM
To: valkyrie_bound I read an interesting article awhile back that said Lilith was God's wife, not Adam's. Don't ask me when or where, I've slept since then, but perhaps a search would turn up the article?
On a side note, in reference to the pyramid topic, am I the only person in the world to be of the opinion that the human head on the Sphinx is out of proportion to the body? I've often wondered if a much later Pharaoh, or other ruler, had a human head carved out of a much different original one. Just speculation on my part, but does anyone else have any thoughts on this?

Posted:5/5/2013 4:58:34 AM
Grrrrr...I LOATHE the typo daemon..and the sticking 'a' key on my keyboard! so...anyway, not 'nyway'...and 'chain', not 'chin'!

Posted:5/5/2013 4:53:24 AM
To Jaxerback...me crazy? No..not even little bit. How do I know? Before I was disabled in a car accident...(not my fault, a little old lady drove her big iron mobile through my little truck and me...twice!)...I worked in a state mental health institute (Fancy PC name for insane asylum) up in Tennessee. Yup, I was one of those guys who had to keep the mentally ill inside the walls and fences, as well as prevent them from harming or killing themselves or others much as was humanly possible to nyway. So after years of dealing with real crazy people I can assure you I'm quite sane. Besides, both my wives, current and former, shared the experiences along with my son. In fact one of my favorite ghost stories involved my son and the ghost's sense of humor. In one of my former homes (The one where the ghost ripped the chin off the door in fact) one way you could tell if the back door was open, during the morning hours, was the sunlight that would shine through and show on the hallway wall, visible to someone sitting in my livingroom. As I said, I'm now disabled so when I saw the light one day I asked my son to go shut the door, as it was easier for him to get to than I. He did, but didn't even clear the kitchen before the sunlight was right back on the wall! I had him go back and shut the door again, reminding him to make sure he locked both the door lock and the deadbolt. He assured me he had done so the first time. So he went back a second time to shut and lock the door...and the third...and the forth...every time the door opening right back up before he could clear the kitchen, perhaps a matter of 20 or 25 feet from the door in all. The fifth time it happened he cussed out the ghost, and me!!! Well, the ghost had had his fun, and left the door closed the rest of that day.

We did not live in the best of areas though, and I worried about the open door inviting people to rob the place. That is why I finally resorted to putting a security chain on the door. It was on maybe 15 to 20 minutes before I heard the sound of the door frame part of it being pulled out and thrown to the floor. I put it back using longer screws, several times, each with the same result. Finally I resorted to supergluing the whole damn thing in place. After awhile I thought it was finally going to work, right up until I heard a very loud bang and the sound of something hitting the laundry room wall...hard! (The back door was located in the laundry room) I went to see what had happened and found the entire assembly ripped out of the door frame and off the door and lying in the floor next to the doorway from the laundry room into the hallway. I left it there, in fact it was still lying there the day I moved out of that house.

I finally convinced the ghost that opening the back door was not conducive to the safety of the house (I assume so anyway, as after many long conversations with the empty air it finally stopped opening the back door). After that it resorted to opening inside doors and banging the washing machine lid up and down when it wanted attention, something it still does to this day! I still get a kick out of telling how it played with my son that day. It makes me glad to know that a sense of humor can escape the grave!

Given that I know ghosts do exist, even animal ghosts, it still puzzles me though that ghost sightings are as rare as they are. It would be hard to find somewhere where someone, or some animal, has not died over the years. But ghost sightings are rare enough that they are of interest. Any why have I never once in my 58 years even once have heard of someone seeing the ghost of a dinosaur or other prehistoric beast? Although it's possible that lake monsters, like Nessie, are the ghosts of plesiosaurs I guess. Still, one would think ghosts would be more common than they are. Personally, I would love to hang around after death. Forget the comfort it would give to my loved ones, it would let me continue to enjoy my favorite TV shows and listening to the music I love, not to mention reading my favorite books and being able to continue reading new works by my favorite authors published after my death! Besides, what better way to protect my grandchildren than by keeping an eye on them myself?

Anyway, I hope to hear from others that have real ghost stories to tell so please...share! Oh, and does anyone else share my disgust at the TV ghost hunter shows that seem to pick their cast members based on who can scream the loudest and longest at every drop of a pin?

Posted:4/30/2013 2:51:57 AM
Nice, until Onothing kills it like he did the airborne laser that could shoot down ballistic missiles before they became a threat to us! Never forget he wants the nation to be as helpless as he wants it's. Law abiding citizens to be.

Posted:4/30/2013 2:41:07 AM
Have you thought about turning on a tape recorder, and possibly a motion activated camera or video recorder, when you go to bed? If you do, and get no results, then consider having a sleep study done. You may be having trouble breathing when lying down causing oxygen deprivation. A cpap and nightime oxygen may solve your problem if you can't find proof of an actual haunting. Best of luck and do let me know one way or the other please!

Posted:4/30/2013 1:41:49 AM
I enjoy real ghost experiences, possibly because I live with a real ghost, and have for years. It has followed me from move to move and, unlike a lot of people apparently, I LIKE my ghost, well, for the most part. It does have a tendency to want to hide things sometimes, although it does eventually return them mostly. It also has an affinity for opening doors. Mostly it just seems to want reassurance that someone is aware of it's presence. I've only known it to be destructive two times, once when I tried chaining a door it liked to open, it ripped the chain off the door and threw it across the room, and once when my new at the time wife doubted it's existence. It threw a VHS movie case into a wall breaking the case. While it my seem strange to some I like my ghost and would miss it if it went away, in it's own way it's comforting to know that there is something after death.

I would love to hear from anyone else who has a real life experience with a ghost, or ghosts. Just please, no histrionics. One of my pet peeves is the so called 'reality' ghost shows where the people on camera seem to have been chosen for two things above all else, stupidity, and an ability to scream both loud and often.

So if anyone cares to share, I'm waiting and willing to listen. Thank you.