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Posted:6/29/2011 4:54:31 PM
The second experience, from June 2007: THE PYRAMID SINGERS"I dreamt vividly, in 3D, stereo, and technicolor. A dawn sky was alight in lush hues of gold and rose, and I sat cross-legged atop a green pyramid-- a rounded version of one like a tor or maybe one of the sacred mounds built by the ancient Edena or Hopewell in Ohio (Native American tribes LONG ago.)  I knew I had just climbed that hill and was sitting for a bit, taking things in and relieved to be where I was. The pyramid was covered in earth, and soft grass grew there, as well as small, alpine flowers. The wind was warm, and carried an embracing scent like honeysuckle, and it blew my hair about and caressed my face gently. I breathed that air in deeply and listened to the wonderful sound that surrounded me high atop that strange pyramid.For other people were on top of yet more of these mounds! Many mounds-- though spaced apart-- going off into the distance in every direction far off to the horizen. Some pyramid hills were still empty on top, but most had a person sitting or even standing on the pinnacle. And they were singing. A strange sort of chanting song in another tougue, like an exotic Tibetan hymn. Each person sang out a couple of lines, then paused to breath deeply and listen to others, and then they'd do it again-- maybe the same words, but usually different. The on-going song with it's multiple singers sounded like an Asian language, but with more rounded vowels, yet I knew what people were saying. It was a song of joy, and relief too maybe for having reached the top of the pyramid.I listened to that wonderful sound as I looked around the unusual terrain. A song carried by dozens upon dozens of people, each breaking in when they wished, each at a different distance from myself, and coming from a different direction. In and out, up and down the musical chanting went, and it was a really amazing thing to hear in this extremely vivid dream. I noticed that many people had golden halos around their heads (only spherical, not disk-like), or even their whole bodies, and a pink or rose mist as well. And I knew the sky had turned those wonderful colors from the collective energy of all those people singing.And then suddenly I was ready, and raised my head and sang out too. In the same language as everyone else. It felt so very good to just release my fear of being heard and judged. I felt light and free, able to at last express such happiness and share in that spiritual gathering. And so I did, over and over-- and as I sang out, that energy started to build up inside of me, too. A pulsating, thrumming hummm began to fill my body. As it did, a light rose mist emerged from my heart, throat, and mouth, and a golden light started to fill up every part of my body from deep within and then to radiate out from my head. Soon, the palms of my hands were giving off beams of golden light as well. I noted all this with wonderment, but not surprise. I expected it and welcomed it. And then I closed my eyes and just sang and breathed over and over, slowly and reverently. I sang of love, and release from sorrow, and of beauty and hope. (If it hadn't been so powerful emotionally, I'd have laughed at the maudlin nature of the entire scene.) =^)After several minutes I paused in the dream, and decided to wake up again. And then very gently I was waking up, opening my eyes back to the "real" world. Still hearing the echos of the pyramid singers and my own voice as I did so. I stayed in bed for a minute, just digesting the experience of that dream. And then the phone rang.It was Nahili. (She's a Shawnee medicine woman I've been working with for a little over a year.) Perfect timing as always! We discussed the dream, and she believes the mounds represented life and death, while the sacred space where we sang was the spiritual world. The symbolism was so obvious there wasn't much to interpret, but it was a really neat thing to share. I felt (and still feel) so different after that dream. I can't explain it exactly, except to say that it was ultimately very reassuring. I know that though I was technically in a dream state-- this dream was not just a dream. I visited another realm on some level."

Posted:6/29/2011 4:41:28 PM
I have had 2 experiences that are slightly similar to your own (I'm godlypunk's wife, btw...)  In August of 2008, I was visited by astral/spiritual entities, and they were healing me: ASTRAL PRESSURE POINT FOOT MASSAGE"I was dreaming contentedly about some TV show I've been watching a lot lately when I realized something was happening 'in the real world.' (Because of my many experiences with alien abductions, I am very alert to such things and have trained myself to come out of sleep as quickly as possible to check any suspicious situation out.) My fears were abated somewhat when I realized that whatever was occuring was happening at the astral (or sub-physical) level-- but I remained curious. Still very relaxed from sleep, I eased over into trance-state (unlike a hypnopompic or hypnogogic state, I could move at will, and did.) I could hear a man and woman talking next to my bed. Then I realized that the man was sitting on my bed and had my right foot in his lap and was massaging this one specific pressure point, and putting energy into it in a healing manner! I could feel it quite distinctly. The point he was working with was at the base of my second-to-largest toe, a little to the outside (on my right foot, that's the right side) of it. It's a tender point (if you don't believe me, take off your shoes and try it for yourself, there's a nerve center there!) I'm still not sure what the guy was doing, but it felt damn good, let me tell you! Just the right amount of buzzy-tingle and pressure.I dared to open my eyes at that point, and the woman was stading by my head, wearing a dark dress, while the man was wearing light tan slacks and a hip-length camel-colored leather jacket, had yellow-blond hair, mustache and beard (total 70s look.)  Meanwhile, my cat Jazz was lounging over my other leg and purring and watching this guy do his thing. She meowed at him once, looking right up into his face and closing her eyes at him happily. He was too busy holding my foot and working the tender point to pet her, but he called her a "sweet kitty." He was telling his companion about healing and how to apply energy, but he was talking to her so softly, I could barely hear. I decided not to disturb the foot massage I was getting, because it just felt so delicious, so I tried to watch unobtrusively. Yet the woman seemed to sense my shift of consciousness, because she soon told him she thought I was waking up (maybe that's why she stationed herself by my head?) and he answered, "Yeah, she's sensitive, and I don't want to scare her." (Like he knew me and had been around me before.) He maneuvered my foot off his lap, and Jazz jumped up and went to the other side of the bed to get away from being disturbed. Then the guy turned and looked at me, and saw me staring right at him, and he just gave me this amazing, warm and reassuring grin, and then swiftly got up to leave. That's when I noticed a change to our bedroom. Overlapping the physical, there was an open hallway without any door and a light somewhere at the end of it leading away from our bedroom, right next to where our bathroom door should have been (but wasn't.) This hall cut through where our bathroom was and on into the next door neighbor's apartment. Everything else in our bedroom was the exact same. I noted this magical hallway as 70s dude and the woman (and I never did see her face, I only know she had dark brown hair in a pageboy haircut) began to walk towards it.I realized that these were another type of astral entity I've seen before-- only good guys as opposed to "astral nasties." If you've ever seen Charmed, I guess you could compare them to "White Lighters." They're like traveling ghosts (hense the dated duds and dos) who go around doing good deeds like angels. They're sort of human-spirit angels-- a 'lite' version of what people think of when they think "angel." They can be very helpful, and in the past I've felt bad for attacking first and asking questions later when I ran into them (I was really paranoid to start when I began working on the astral level.) I suspect that when people are close to death and go into spontaneous trance and report ordinary human-looking spirits who are stepping in to help save their lives (there are countless such stories the world over) that these are the kinds of beings that they're seeing. Just "good deed ghosts." Kinda nice to think such a thing exists, huh? I was grateful for whatever help they were offering me. The guy seemed to know me quite well, but the woman, based on what I heard her say, had never seen me before-- in fact, it almost seemed as if she were on a training mission with the guy, who was more experienced.As they walked away, I spoke in astral to them (I've really been working on the astral speech thing) and I clearly and loudly said, "Thank you!" Their reaction was priceless! They both jumped out of their skins and turned back to look at me in shock! I couldn't help smiling at this. I waved and said as warmly as I could (and more softly) "Good-bye." The woman disappeared and the guy nodded and said good-bye back to me, now looking like he wanted to laugh. And then he turned back towards the hallway and took a few steps into it and... dissolved away into nothingness! Then I watched the hallway fold back like an accordian towards the wall it opened from until it once more became a wall, and the bathroom door softly popped back into place! I have rarely been witness to an astral bending. Nahili has explained much to me of how such things work from the Shawnee Medicine perspective, but to actually watch the transformation was really, really cool. "

Posted:3/15/2010 5:32:08 PM
Yeah, you have a Brownie. Faerie denizens ARE interdimensionals, rather like ghosts- only they were never human to begin with...I've studied a bit of the lore on how to deal with such beings, and in general, advice for this type of being is pretty standard. Be respectful, say hello if you see it, etc. And BRIBING the beings to keep them happy is recommended. Traditionally, milk and honey left in a special location reserved for the being would help. As it has clothing seemingly made of rags, you might find some dolls clothes or toddler clothes for the being as a gift might also be nice. According to lore, the fae beings will either settle in quietly or begin to help around the house, doing dishes or something. It's very important to be kind and respectful, and not to allow fear of the unknown to set you against these guys as enemies.That they're not fond of Christian accoutrements is hardlly shocking. Native traditions, including those of Europe, included knowledge of how to deal with such beings, and telling friendly from unfriendly, and encouraged respectful relations. The desert religions (Judaism, Christianity, and Islam) have always been wholly negative to such beings UNLESS thsoe beings present themselves as "angels". (Not saying angels do not exist separately, just that many cases of angels have later turned out to be these "tricksters.")  I'm sure I'd be hostle, too if a race of beings who used to welcome me started shaking crosses at me and telling me I was a demon! Something about either the location of your home or the people living in it must have attracted them. Underground streams, limestone and iron deposits, "ley line" nodes, a recent paranormality "flap," or even just natural psychics in your family line. Seriously, as weird as the circumstances are- you're actually rather lucky. House faeries are exceedingly rare. What an opportunity for study! Don't let fear ruin everything. But don't let yourself be bullied, either. Make a deal. "Hey, Brownie/Pixie/House elf, I'll be nice and you be nice, okay?" You can set up "Brownie friendly" areas inside and outside the home (with offerings and maybe pint sized furniture, small mirrors or crystals) and then areas that you declare off-limits like bedrooms and bathrooms (you're entitled to privacy, afterall-- and faeries are terribly damaging to plumbing!) Hang traditional horseshoes over doorways you don't want them to cross. Look up "anti-faerie" plants and hang small bunches of them in those rooms' windows. Tradition is full of advice on such things. Some of it will work on Brownies, I'm sure. One remedy that worked well for some friends of mine who had 3 foot tall cowled dwarves visiting was large chunks of obsidian for "grounding." The idea being that these stones absorbed so much of the excess "energy" the faerie were feeding off of it behooved them to steer clear or be "drained." Worth a try in rooms you want to keep to yourself.IF that goes wrong, then and only then after trying bribery and respect, bargaining and boundary-making should you attempt to wedge them out of your domain forcefully.