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Posted:6/6/2010 11:14:50 PM
First, Let me tell you that i live way out in the country. All the beef,pork and chicken that i eat is raised by local farmers.These animals are treated with respect, they all free range or graize.They have plenty of acerage to roam on.They are fed with quality grains and hay and are whats known as content or happy animals.They live fairly long lives and are butchered as humainly as possible. The FDA does not control my food chain. And if you are lucky enough to eat local farm raised meat then the FDA isnt controling your food source either. However the millions of people who live in the city, who buy from mass chain supermarkets such as walmart or sams club ect. are buying FDA controlled meat. Also,  ANY fast food chain like McDonalds is serving the same FDA regulated meat...Now to answer your question Caniswalensis..Because of the mass demand for meat of all types there are very large meat farming processing plants. They are regulated by the FDA(ergo the government).The problem is that much like BP and the oil spill, the FDA employees are bought or way to cozy with the heads of these meat processors. So many rules, regulations and just commom decency are overlooked and ignored. Now lets look at the conditions in the processing plants. First the animals are not treated with any respect.They stand in tightly caged in areas all their life.Most of the time stand up to their bellies in their own crap. Standing in there own crap for weeks or months at a time has caused rampant Ecoli. They are treated so inhumnaly in these places, that that alone makes for depressed or unhappy animals.Secondly thier food source...Corn is fed to all animals, however  because of the great demand for corn scientists genetically altered corn so it will produce large amounts per acre. However it has been proven that genetically altered corn is high in fat and cholesterol. All of the giant processing plants feed their animals this corn to fatten them.The animals recieve very little hay. Hay is very important because it helps curb diseases like Ecoli..The genetically altered corn also causes high levels of cholesterol in meat....Now lets look at the happy  or content animal thing. Scientists have also proven beyond shadow of doubt that content animals have lower amounts of fat and cholesterol and that also the meat is just more healthy. When looking at depressed or processing plant meat, there are high levels of hormones that due not exist in happy animals....Due to Ecoli outbreaks at the processing plants, large amounts of antibiotics and steroids are used on the animals. They are butchered not long after this,remnants of the antibiotics and steroids remain in the meat until eaten. In one processing plant in particular, they had a large outbreak of Ecoli, They had already butchered and processed a lot of animals there answer to fix this problem wasnt to stop butchering and to give the animals more hay. Instead they decided to spray the meat down with Amonia. The FDA never did anything about this and they never shut that plant down. Many people every year get Ecoli, and get really sick and some die. Many different scientists and farners and other notable minds say we could easily have an Ecoli attack from one of those processing plants. The meat moves out so fast that if the strain of Ecoli was powerful enough, hundreds of thousands could die before anything was done.. Some say its not if, but when..If this were to happen the FDA would act so slowly that many would die, if they acted at all. We have already had outbreaks of Ecoli, in one case a very young child died do to eating a hamburger. The parents traced the burger back to a processing plant but the FDA would not shut the plant down or investigate. The parents went before congress. their fight still continues....In a slightly different direction. As corrupt as the FDA is, If they wanted create a meat shortage, they easily could.  When we look at control, in the early 70s,  McDonalds started getting very cozy with the FDA. That was the beginning of creating the mass processing plants, do to McDonalds need for a mass amount of meat. In the 70s, 75% of meat was grown by local farmers. Today 75% of the meat in this nation comes from processing plants. During the 70s many of the small farmers were pursecuted by the FDA to the point in which the quit selling meat to people like McDonalds. At the same time a blind eye was turned toward the largely growing processing plants. Also at about this time the meat cutters union was broken. This aided the large processing plants as the could now work workers harder and pay them less.One last thing here The FDA is also responsible for monitoring prescription drug companies. However do to the fact that some senators own controling interests in those companies and the drug companies are very cozy with the FDA, we have had many drugs used on the American public that have not been tested nearly enough..thats also led to a mass of antidepressants....(<but thats a discussion for another time)...Ive not nearly hit all the basses on government control of our food. But i hope you see the picture.. Sorry to all that i took so much space, but it takes some explaining on a complex issue..

Posted:6/5/2010 11:20:35 AM
If this spill continues to grow and moves up the east coast. The financial backlash will keep us in recession,or worse. This catastrophe is just getting ramped up. Also this crisis has removed a lot of the seafood food source. The government will now have some control on the seafood food source. They will exploit this as they exploit everything. It wil go down the same road as the Pork, Beef,and Chicken industry. When the government fully controls all of the food we eat,they control us.

Posted:5/4/2010 10:38:56 PM
Thank you for your comments...Jaguarsky...It would be nice if at least they tore down the casinos..but at what a price....your right i also believe that this will drive BP into bankruptcy...which will leave the taxpayer paying for it.. for one they will file bankruptcy regardless of wether they would need to or not..the price of this clean up will be way higher than estimated...Like you do..I love the ocean..while i havent been to the bayous of South Louisiana..I spent many summers on the ocean at Emarald Isle South Carolina..surfing, shark fishing off a wooden fishing pier, Throw netting fish and shrimp in the sound..I remember at an early age ..being selective and throwing back the small fish and shrimp..so they could multiply and grow bigger..my conscience told me to do this...because it was the right thing to do...( there is no conscience in offshore drilling)...and yes we are going to lose the jobs that tell us hard work is a good thing and that while it may not make us rich..it is an honest  rewarding work...that payed enough to live life respectfully...I try to keep some hope that the spill will be contained...but at the size of the spill its really hard to have hope...i feel offended as they may ruin one of the natural things i have loved all my life..The ocean..Greed is ruining the simple yet beautiful things on this planet...this world knows no shame....It will be curious to see how many ultra rich movie stars step out to donate or help clean up this mess..Hoping that they can block the flow off before they ruin all oceans...Just SO SAD!

Posted:5/3/2010 12:34:10 PM
I didnt know that BP donated more money to the Republican party...Leave it to the government to screw up absolutely anything..accident or not..i think this could be a really bad spill...possibly the worst man has ever seen...I view this site called Armegeddon online...from some of the things i read there ..this could kill marine life all along the Florida shores and into the Atlantic..Funny how we are all supposed to watch our carbon foot print ..yet large oil companies can destroy miles of marine life..I still think off shore drilling wasnt nearly prepared for this..and they should have been..before they started to drill there were discussions in congress where the ceos of oil companies assured the government that they had the worst case scenario covered..i realize the weather has hampered the effert..but that should have also been taken into consideration when planning to drill...When i look at the pictures of the already dying marine life..i am deeply saddened ...Once again America has lost and all in the name of greed..Will we kill everything without remorse...Men who worked hard every day to bring us quality seafood..will lose thier jobs..possibly forever..Far better to ride a horse and keep the marine balance right and men doing jobs they have done for generations..than to go on drilling into the ocean floor for fools gold..Once again im very dissapointed in man and in America...Last count..the well head is loosing 25,000 barrels a day..if the riser pipe breaks down more it could go to 50,000 barrels a day...