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Posted:1/1/2009 10:05:03 PM
Sorry Slaubrey I've been gone so long. In the third picture look diagonally up and right about 3/4 of an inch or so you'll see a white spot, wider at the top and bottom and narrow in the middle, like an hourglass. Also dark hair above this. I wish this pic was bigger. I don't know any other way to describe it. I'm sorry Slaubrey.

Posted:9/27/2008 6:20:33 PM
You know, when I was sick and unemployed and totally broke, I couldn't get any welfare or help at all. At one time I was homeless with a toddler and STILL nobody from CA would give me (white woman) a single penny. Why am I to give my money to THEM?Is the government going to bail out the little bakery or deli that is just down the street? NO! But for some reason the BIG GUYS deserve a handout. What gives? I don't participate in stocks and bonds on Wall Street. I never had any extra money to do so. So now I am supposed to bail them out so THEIR clients, who are GAMBLING with their money, don't lose it? If I lose money in Vegas, do I get my money back? NO!I paid off my home by WORKING FOR IT! Nobody gave me money when it was hard to make payments. I worked 3 jobs! So now people can't make their mortgage--of which they knew every detail when they signed the papers--and now the government is going to help them? Who the f--- helped me? NOBODY!!! This country is going to hell in a handbag. Every American who votes isn't even voting! The electoral college votes, not us! Why even bother? All politicians are tricksters who vote how it benefits them most. They give our money away without asking us. I THINK THIS BAILOUT SHOULD GO TO THE BALLOT AND HAVE THE AMERICAN PEOPLE VOTE ON IT!

Posted:9/24/2008 8:13:06 PM
Ah. Jeff, I have trained myself to delete those letters even before I open them. Didn't know it was you, I guess. Force of habit. Sorry.I know this was a joke entry now, and wouldn't put it past the government to do it. Sorry again for my itchy "delete" finger Jeff. I'll be more patient next time.

Posted:9/24/2008 2:59:34 PM
Please remove the "jeff" guy who is asking for money. It does not belong here.

Posted:9/21/2008 11:38:14 PM
True. Also, it was probably moving quite fast and that would cause the elongating of the orb and appearance of more than one face.

Posted:9/11/2008 12:27:28 AM
I've looked at this a couple of times and tonight was the first time I could make out the skeleton in the enhanced picture. It is the kind of picture where you could find something if you were looking for it, you know? I am on the line on this one with one foot in the "no skeleton" side.

Posted:9/11/2008 12:20:10 AM
Actually, I looked at the close up of the orb and I see three faces, not two. Oh well...or maybe it's dust. Any other views?KatMyKittiesMom

Posted:9/7/2008 12:36:45 AM
This is a way awesome video that actually gives the viewer something to digest. You've got to watch this.KatMyKittiesMom

Posted:9/7/2008 12:21:51 AM
There is no link or link does not work.KatMyKittiesMom

Posted:8/27/2008 4:24:02 PM
This is regarding the third picture. Does anybody see the figure of a girl facing away from the camera above and to the right of the man's right shoulder (as you are looking at the picture) about half an inch? She is a third to half of his size wearing a white dress and has dark hair. Just curious.Kat :)