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Posted:9/10/2012 5:20:05 PM
I get those feelings all the time. I am very sensitive to natural calamities (I.e. Earthquakes, etc). I can usually tell if there is about to be a major one, but I have no clue where in the world (unless close to me in the San Francisco Bay Area). But I am always correct if I predict earthquakes within 24 hours.

For the past few years, we have been moving towards something and I don't necessarily agree that it is the whole 2012 scenario. But keep in mind that even though most people do not believe anything will happen, between the media, movies, countless youtube videos, etc...everyone has it in the back of their minds that something is about to happen. If you are sensitive or pick up on people's feelings and fears, then with the combined strength of everyone putting their own energy into this thought of doom and gloom, you can pick up on that. Not only that, but all that energy could actually make something happen.

For me, I am actually more worried about some nutzo terrorist taking advantage of that date or our fear to do something really bad.

Hang in there; no one lives forever, all that matters is that we find happiness in this single moment; never worrying about the moments to come.


Posted:9/10/2012 5:12:09 PM
Wow, how many Bong Hits did you take? Perhaps one too many?

Posted:6/4/2010 2:14:04 PM
When I was young, I had very, very distinct memories of being a child on a farm, of the house I lived in and our horses, the type of old car we had, etc (although I remember it being very new, the smell, etc). All these emmories are permenantly in my head, but my parents insist they have never stepped foot on a farm or anything like one in their lives, let alone lived on one. I grew up in San Francisco area, so I believe that ... but these memories came from somewhere.Gut instinct tells me that I was a kid in the 50's or 60's and I died somehow, something sudden.I have tried regressive therapy, but I have yet to find someone who can actually get me to "go under". I am told that I hold on to hard and dont relax enough, so... who knows. I would do anything to know for sure.Z