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Posted:12/10/2008 12:47:56 PM
How can you say orbs,mist or vortexes arent ghosts. No one can say they are or aren't.

Posted:12/2/2008 1:21:34 PM
Oh sad,sad fuckers. Freedom is joy if we are so worried about mattirialism that we don't want to pay taxes or have such dissregard for order that we would rather live in chaos. laws give us a bench mark for what is acceptable. But being self sufficient would be wonderful and can be done with out leaving socity.

Posted:10/16/2008 10:44:25 AM
Still bicthing? Lets get some real news alright

Posted:10/7/2008 10:29:27 AM
Capitalism is great but people are greedy. We ruin anything and everything. And no one cares unless you got the green. Look who we worship bussiness men ,actors and recording artists. We forgot the very things that are good things that relgion, our perants and our basic nature tell us. The happist people I know is a farming family. They have everything they need and refusse to go into dept becuase they dont have the things other people have and they are willing to help anyone even if it means they will struggle. They are the type of people we need more of.

Posted:10/4/2008 5:35:53 AM
Panic cuased the great depression ad complacence cuased the second world war. Honestly who gives a fuck about it, history always repeats itself and the there will be another world war and there will be another economic melt down and mankind will revert into animals and there isnt anything you, me or anyone else can do, ecept not panic.

Posted:4/24/2008 8:28:27 AM
Ooooh ponies.