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Posted:6/28/2008 7:16:55 AM
its been along time scince iv been on this forum scince then alot have changed, turns out the shadow i saw wasnt a bull it was of a goat his name Leonard, im so tired of it all iv moved 2000km in the last couple of months yet they still around they leave me alone, the night this so called Leonard showed him self he spoke to me as if he knew me naturaly i was angry i was so mad i was foolist ennough to attack him that was a mistake iv had encounters with the alu before but he was much stronger than any of them ever were,he made me bow to him now i see more of then different kinds of monsters/demons take your pick they all scum to me anyway i dont know wat to do anymore all i can think of is run again, this message is for the unware also i if any thing were to happen to me i think it only fare that people know what is actualy out there!

Posted:8/14/2007 11:43:24 PM
This is my last post . . . EVER 
i think the bells pissed them off now more than ever they seem to  
have something against me, 3 days ago i was walking home it was  
about 3am and i got that chill again followed by there smell, i  
looked around me but couldnt see anything then from behind a tree  
it rushed me it run striaght into me the allu, i couldnt breath it  
felt like i dont no what, my heart was racing and my skin was  
burning damit it was painfull. I got up and there were now three  
around me, i thought to myself this is it finally it will all be  
over, they all stormed me i manged to dodge 2 of them but the  
third one he was to fast he ran right at me looking in my eyes the  
whole time then he hit me, the pain wasnt that bad it was almost  
like i was numb. I got up for the third time, i was bleeding from  
my ear's and mouth and stood up straight saw the three of them  
circling me for another attack, the hell with this i thought i  
have a hunting knife with me iv carried it everywhere with me for  
almoght 5 years now, i gripped it and waited, this time only the  
one charged me the others stayed back it was like it was all about  
to be over, again it looked in my eye's and it rushed me he grabed  
my chest and i started to burn from the inside out it was so  
painfull i had to fight back i pulled out my knife and stabed it  
in the neck then stared to pull it downwards towards this chest i  
think it was, he then let he go but i carried on pulling he tried  
to stop me but he couldnt he also screemed it was due to the pain  
i hope finally after about a minute it was all over it stopped  
moveing and i droped on my knees, the other 2 glided across to  
me i was sure they were gonna finish the job, but they didnt they  
lifted the body and dissapeared in the dark. 
Now im gonna find that priets and make him tell me everything he  
the reasons for me posting this is mixed, just know that i didnt  
choose this for myself nor did i perform any evil deed to have  
them come for me, all i want is to be left alone even if it costs me my life

Posted:8/5/2007 4:37:19 PM
i dont understand what you are saying lux, i need help,advice even on how to protect myself. 
im 22 how much evil could i have done honestly lux? 
i have no secrets, my whole life i have beleived that kindness doesnt cost a cent and have always helped another in need, All the time never do i say no. 
i cant be the only one going through this!!!!

Posted:8/1/2007 5:40:19 PM
my god everything has changed now . . . 
i dont know what to do with myself anymore,i went into the city and from there i went to see a priest at a church i chose a catholic preist, i  
dont know why scince im a methodist, i guess i thought a catholic priest would know more about this kind of stuff than any one els. 
anyway i went to the church i caught the preist as he was going for lunch i called to him he stopped a walk back to me i told him i needed  
advise i told him for all the ghosts iv seen and lived with, this lasted about 15 minutes and at the end of the conversation he said, God has a  
plan for us all and that he was really hungary and if i would excuse him he wanted to go and have launch. just like that he walked away, as he  
was leaving the hall i shouted to him, i said WHY THE ALLU. 
he stopped turned around walked towards me, he want to know more i told him of my demonic encounters, if only you could of seen the look on  
this face it made me scared. after all that he said i must follow him he wants to show me something, we walked up about 30 steps to the church  
bell tower, i asked him now what and with out any warning he started to ring the bell. 
damit it was loud it rang once,twice and then i heard it amongst the ringing of the bell there were screens all around us it was louder that  
the bell, the screens turned to crying and from that it changed to loud scratching. 
finally it all stopped i got off my knees looked to the preist and he smiled at me and said they dont like the sounds of bells especially the  
holy kind, i then hit him as hard as i could for doinig what he did without warning me fist, and then i saw it, on the walls of the bell towers  
there were claw marks 4 of them to be exact. 
i asked the preist what just happened he was silent at first and then he started to explain to me the reason and how for demons and angels but  
couldnt let me why people like me are invovled. Madness i told him, he then said it doesnt matter if i beleive him or not. 
he then said he cannot help me, he said im on my own and that i should just accept what is happening to me and pray that my next life is a  
better one. i hit again the a bastard telling me to give up like that! somebody has to know something!!! 

Posted:7/24/2007 1:44:39 AM
stick around keep checking the forum il be gone for about a week starting today when i get back be can talk some more

Posted:7/23/2007 4:50:22 AM
thankyou braintease now i know im not alone and im sick of moving around and running away,i now have a plan . . .

Posted:7/22/2007 3:19:41 AM
i live in south africa thats a third world country i guess i was pushing it a little asking u all for help i am sorry for that i wont bug u anymore. . . And the first encounter i had the faceless demon i found out its name or there names atleast they are called the Allu a race of monstrous and faceless demons that destroyed everything they could. that right there is when it all started 5 years ago

Posted:7/21/2007 2:41:16 PM
thanx for the info lubdase, i will admit i do have a temper but im an idiot as far as this stuff goes, i dont know what to do, u say get help but it isnt that easy. firstly i want to asure u i do know the differences, ghosts look like dead people or clouds of smoke i know this from tv and logic but the other things are unreal. il descibe them 1) a tall Figure wearing a black cloak but he had no face he was maybe 5m from me before u ran away. 2)ouiji boards like u said are not a good idea my friends and i were playing it and at first we were joking then things got out of hand at the end, now inorder for me to get home iv gotta cross train tracks and out of nowhere a figure appeared tall with white hair i of cos hid away under the trains and he walked up and down the tracks and from his arm grew the biggest sword i ever saw it was scrapping on the stones after awhile the footsteps and drapping sounds stopped and just like that he vanished 3) walking home again in a i saw in a tree a shadow of a bull standing upright leaning on a branch in the shadows i saw his head move almost like he was watching me i also saw the shadow of his tail swinging up and down, the shadow was a perfect outline of a bull horns everything. and each time this happens i get the feeling of ice all around me and i smell the made me Nauseous 4) i was walking home and i came across those feelings of ice all around me and i smell the made me Nauseous so i ran my assoff home as quick as i could. so plz help me u all seem to know more about this than me how do i protect myself, how do i fight them the next time it happens. and dont tell me to speak about it to the people i know cos it will not end well . . .

Posted:7/20/2007 3:25:58 AM
you want a new topic then what about demons not ghost's,space, ancient anything lets talk about "Demons" I never cared about the paranormal until now im 22 and iv lived in 3 haunted houses and now come face to face with what i think was the 4th different demons in 5 years and i need answers!

Posted:7/20/2007 2:54:02 AM
how do i post my own subject thread on this site can it be done?