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Posted:5/29/2013 9:39:38 AM
"If you are not smart, you can be cruel" I think you mean wise Bob ol' boy. There are many smart cruel people out there. But I would wager that even wisdom can be used to be cruel. But its the smart people who lack the wisdom to apply it that are useually at the head of a cruel populus.

Posted:5/28/2013 10:22:00 PM
That last part Jaxer is the things I find to be the most funny. But its possible that it might be important. Scientificly not likely but anything is possible.

Posted:5/21/2013 10:23:54 PM
Hey you guys I can't post youtube on here. Got a "smart" phone. But do me a small favour. Check out Chris Hadfield space oddity. He is the man. He did a lot of experments during he stay on the international space station for the kids which were all interesting especually the wringing out water in space but check out space oddity. Not only is it a sweet music video done on board but notice the window he looks out a lot on the video. Do you remember that video of the hole in the earth in the north pole. Same freaken window. No doubt. But check it out anyway. Sweet and funny video.

Posted:5/20/2013 9:38:52 PM
Hey Malachi. Good to see your alive. Thought you might have fallen down a hole maybe found your middle earth. Hope your not giving money to that Soukup guy. Either that or I hope you know that guy well.

Posted:5/19/2013 1:09:19 PM
No worries Jax. Lose faith? Not sure if I ever had any. I believe that some people like apperantly Bob have enough wisdom to know you get more flys with honey. But this world just eats up peoples dreams and it tends to be one compromise after another. Gary is right about the more good you do it often seems like you get a slap to the face for it. People try to be good but this world rarely encourages such acts. What I'm saying is this world has no balance. The scales are tipped highly on the side of rath, suffering, pain, sadness, jelousey and above all greed. You can say that I'm just seeing the negitive but that I don't believe to be true. I'm not speaking about just me when I speak but the suffering of all people and animals. Personally my life is not bad. I got a decent job and my own place. I never went a day hungry in my life. (Knock on wood) Could be better but it could be a lot worse. I've been phucked over pretty bad too. But nobody around me would say I have a bad attitude. Quite the opposite. I figure why be an ass and make a bad situation worse. But what I can not and will not tollerate is this enslavement and crushing of those that would try and be a light to the world. It happens far too much and is happening right now. People doing abominations to each other because they want money or to be one of the crowd. Taught to take pride in acts that there soul tells them is wrong. Because so often they have nobody to back them in what is "good". And for what? So someone they never met can get more influence over others and more worldly stuff. It is not enough for me to just close my eyes and hide from the evil of this world. It is easy for people to say "Well I don't have any power to change it." Fortunatly or unfortunatly I won't grant myself that luxury. It is not what I am. I'll quote from lord of the rings. "A wizard should know better." Not that I concider myself a wizard. But when you see what is possible sometimes it ruins your ability to close your eyes. Do I hate people? No. How can I blame others for not beating what I myself can not. Will I ever be brothers with whatever designed this evil place. This hell. Possible but not likely. Anything is possible. This is what I was trying to say to Gary. How can you blame those that fight and fail when you can not beat it yourself? Its not you or them. The first rule of war is to identify the enemy. Unfortunatly this enemy doesn't come out. I hides behind a wall of 100,000 tricks. You can't punch it. You can't shoot it. You can't blow it up. You can't talk it to death and if you could pray it to oblivion then it would be gone already. Each one of us faces this deceptive monster in there own way. We all have are own story. So far nobody. Nobody. Has managed to even been able to set the balance. Not to mension put it less on the side of suffering. It can never as far as I can tell be erradicated with out losing free will which is a nothing excistance. The legends tell that long ago that the evil was not as prevelent. I seek to bring back that which once was. And will be again if I have anything to do with it. All I ask is that you pray for me. Just put your prayer/spells/will into one simple thing. That I will have more wisdom. That is the only truely safe prayer for me. But you know what I do take hope in, is if I fail (which is highly likely) another might succeed in there own way. Because purity and truth can beat deception in many ways. Maybe even a madman like Gary may succeed where I fail. Usually the great thinkers are thought of as madmen by the general populus. But in history it has been the people who are willing to step outside the boundries that make the greatest changes. For better or ill. Let's hope there will always be Jedi out there willing/fighting for the world to be a better place. (Not that I concider myself a jedi. I use a lot of metefores when I talk. A surprising amount of people don't get that.)

P.s. (May the force be with you always) :) ;) :o

Posted:5/19/2013 12:26:47 AM
Jaxer proves my point. When was the last time you said anything positive on here? He just makes sarcastic remarks and is positive to others being sarcastic. He offers as much help to others as a one legged man in an ass kicking contest. Yes Jaxer I know much. I "KNOW" at least to try to offer wisdom instead of ridicule and sarcasm. Unfortunate for those around you. Feed into this world see what it leaves you with.

Posted:5/18/2013 11:50:42 PM
Gary I know most of what I say people tend to pass off as the ramblings of a mad man but I have kept my eyes open. I KNOW this world. IT is evil. Others can get kicked in the balls every other day and say to them selves "Well at least its not everyday." But not me. I hate this world too. But I advise you this. Try not to view these creatures known as "humans" to harshly. It is absolute truth when I tell you that this world is designed to grind you down and find any and every chink in your armor. It prods and pokes and tries to rip your armor wide open. So many times I've had to step back and review what I am doing or about to do. This place pokes at your weak spots over and over. Trying to get you to go against your good nature. Whether your gossiping or stealing or verbaly abusive to someone or what ever it is. It took me along time to relize that reviewing even your own thoughts had to be done to keep you on the right track. On almost a constant basis. And that's a hard thing to do as sometimes your sad or tired or whatever. I am convinced that there is an other force. Behind the sceens that urges people to do selfish things. Some call them demons I call them assholes. So often I'll start to even just think something and after takeing a second to review what just popped into my head I'll wonder where did that aberant thought come from. Lots of times there seeming out of the blue. Not even following my thought train. Now for the people who don't believe in more than what there told- how are they going to fight those abberant thoughts. How can they fight and beat these demons when they don't even know there is anything to fight. The worst crime that most people suffer from is not haveing there eyes open. Because when a thought comes into there head how are they going to even start to fight it when there whole lives they've been taught. That only what you see and touch and what we tell you is real. With such a disadvantage its like a blind deaf and dumb person fighting a fully trained/armed soldier. My real question is why? Most don't start out evil but it is drilled into people by these asshole things ripping and tearing at you. Whether its with other people or just circumstances. I do think that some people are born without souls. But you'll never hear these proud humans say that. At least I never have. So why build a place like this? Why build a place that its sole functtion is to grind and tear beings with such pttentail for light and good down in to the dark fleshy sludge? Personally I think this whole dimensional plane should be vaporized or at least given a radical change. I hope for the change. I'm doing all I can to push for the change using every option I can think of. And when I say every option I mean just that as I believe anything is possible which gives me certain advantages. For when you discredit an avanue of persute just because some else says it immpossible then sometimes you find a new way. But anyway I digress. My point is its not entirely there fault. People are taughtto be proud of being an ignorant sheep. And when you don't know that you should or can fight something you have little hope in beating it. Some people get lucky either by there nature or by circumstance that they get to hold onto the good side. But even they still a torn up bit by bit and don't reach there full potential/happy excistance its more of just dealing with it with a smile. I get angry with people all the time but really you should feel sorry for them. Unwisdom costs us all. Let's hope someone with there eyes open wins the fight with this world and its grendel.

Posted:5/15/2013 1:57:52 PM
Gary I don't know what your perception love is but sex is not necciarly love. I could be with and love a girl forever and not ever have sex with her. Would I want to? yes. But love matters way more. Sex is a way to make another person you care about feel good and happy and they can for you. Can it be used selfishly? Diffenatly. But so can anything. Let me ask you this if a smart, funny, very attractive female friend wanted to give some physical pleasure- you would say what? And It could be a simple massage to ease your aches and pains or whatever she could do with you.

Posted:5/15/2013 1:38:08 PM
P.s. creating an eternal flame was the first test/step for an apprentice alchemist. I can do it in theory. Forgot most of it. But I still remember the basic parts. Man if I only had the memory C.S. Lewis. I would beable to prove the nature of the universe or at least make up an awsome dissertation. I've spent a lot of my life seeing if the immposible is true.

Posted:5/15/2013 1:28:10 PM
So did anyone actually try stareing into a mirror and not blinking or movong your eyes at night maybe with a low light source? Just looking at your image? Or are you too scared. Almost nothing I say is truly "nuts". I actually have a very scientific mind. I test thing multiple times and useually for years before I even bother mension it to anyone. If something is new to me then I'll tell someone just so. Maybe its just my warped brain but the longer I stare without blinking or moveing my eyes at my image the wierder it gets. That back of the head thing only happend once but that's what I saw like it or lump it.