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Posted:4/10/2012 7:00:16 PM
Ive always said "what we think is kept inside goes outwards". Its this outward connection that senses, feels, hears etc something not within normal parameters of perception. A kind of 3rd eye or psychic net around the body. When something triggers this "net" around you, your brain translates by your percentage of brain usage. A Ghost or other reality form may infact tune itself into your outward energy expression intentionally or by accident. Your inability to register this may lead to fear. But this new connection may meet your "acceptance" parameters and allow a pleasent but brief awareness of something else.

Fear is an interesting topic. Fear can cause one to weaken, but it can also encourage another to carry on and overcome its presence...its not always a negative thing.

Posted:3/23/2012 7:50:06 PM
Your findings depict later methods utilised by other cultures. LOL

But a big hug :) for your reply.
(Oh, that chant - groups praying before an unknown "god" that placed the blocks)
(A "god" that looked like a bird and came from the sky.)
(The Elders told this story(my post) to their flock)

Have you compared their(pyramid) locations yet? They form points upon a map. Those angled/upwards corridors that point to the sky link to certain stars. Then you look at the atars and see a constellation that matches the pyramids layout. Now search out simllar groups of structures around the world. They too match the same star system in their layout.

Love yah LOL

Posted:3/23/2012 6:55:18 PM
Correct my friend.

Posted:3/22/2012 9:30:41 PM
Spiritual Elders where in direct contact via ceremony and prayer to "god". They where shown empty plains containing blocks. They found a tall structure that was cubed shaped. The method of shaping the pyramid was made possible by chants, song and prayer from Elders and thousands of men,women and children. This large group where placed in certain locations around the cube. They all took their turn in shouting out a "prayer". This sound effected the cube and many blocks shuddered and fell, smashing into nothing. Inside the newly formed pyramids they found great halls or spaces. They used this act of "god" to worship and place sacred objects inside its tombs. Here, the Elders recieved more instruction and formed a death realm belief. They thought these structures where a door to other realms. Kings would come whom where fortold by the voice. This Elder conclave worshipped this voice and carried out its wishes.

The end result strengthened their love to "god" and allowed it to manipulate us.

Tibetan Monks have been recorded carrying out a similar method to hurl rock high into the mountains. Chanting, drums and cries can unnerve an object and direct it.

Posted:2/25/2012 8:35:41 PM
It will only give a list of emails and addresses to those whom wish to keep it all mum.

Dont fall for it. The White House will never reveal - the Cherry on the cake is trying to trick you.

See, they are trying to balance the mess of truth with belief in the american way.

My old friend Gen Leaver talked about such things in 1993. He actually said such a thing would happen.

He also spoke of two core locations under the sea that where ET. In his words, "One is fingering us and the other pats our heads like a dog". He went on, "the latter watches how we interface", "they never offer help", "They are bastards"

He spoke of them being present in the past. They always shadow the other. When I asked more about this he only said they where a police force of sorts. They came to our aid in the past and offered solutions to help us develop without destructive ideas. We in fear declined them due to the shock of alien on our soil.

Another came and made the most of this shock. It came and healed all present. It then wished to share the truth of what we found mysterious. It told us that it made us and wished to remain after our discovery of ET.

It spoke of others that will come and test or break your spirit. All where told to listen and accept the new ET. New tech would be given, moments with scientists to improve thier knowledge.

He speaks of amazing finds that later are found incapable of working here. Gifts given are useless.

"They are bastards who fool the foolish & afraid shit in control on Earth"

He told me the Moon is not natural but a station. Sometimes even I had to walk away.

He was sure from his knowledge that under sea housed 1000s of these things we met decades before.

He told me that these things took people everyday and night.

He told me intelligence estimated that such things work with agreed underground places.

The ocean is thier source with our hidden places underground stageing their needs.

"Underground bases are sugar, attracting flies."

"A F-ing Spiders web"

"we supply the fly and receive a single peice of sugar"

Posted:2/21/2012 6:53:15 PM
Never use the ouija board or a glass with cut up peices of paper. Members of my family have done this. So have friends I have met in life. They all describe one word - TROUBLE.

Groups who do the above only attract things that should not be part of their life. Yes contact can happen via this method but the presence attracted will lie and make one of you think its your deceased Brother etc.

Anything with your best interests at heart is already doing its bit to help and shape your life.

Choose meditation when your drawn to such ideas of contacting others. They may then come through to you.

Posted:2/21/2012 6:38:19 PM
Heres one more experience I wish to share.

A few weeks before my father died I dreamt of meeting his mother. She surprised me in this dream as I knew she was dead. I asked many puzzled questions which she ignored. She then sits in a chair holding her handbag on her lap- in the dream Im in my parents house. I hear my father enter the house and his mother sat there then motions with her head - she tilts it back.

The day he died was a total -dont give a damb about the world feeling. The mind felt numb apart from my inner found strength which kept me together so I could keep everyone else calm. At the hospital we waited as they tried to revive him. In my state of shock I kind of knew he wouldnt make it. I then got a flashback to the dream Ive described above. I strangley felt happy if that makes sense. I had fleeting feelings of the end, complete, hes done his bit type wierdness.

Arriving back at my parents house I swear on my life that I half saw him stood looking at my mother with a big smile and total devotion.

Later on I found I was drawn to a certain piece of music which beforehand would have been classed as old, ancient and for the oldies :) Dont know why I felt that important as its not my lot. I`m still not sure if it was something he liked. Its, "Dont give up on me baby", ouch! Thats old :)

I now feel his presence often when I visit my sister. Hes elusive when i sense him there but he defo seems focused on my sister.

Posted:2/21/2012 6:14:29 PM
One Christmas all the guys at work planned a night out.

One night prior to this event I lay in bed and let thoughts pass along -as you do. One thought that passed in my mind was this pub crawl. I suddenly felt drawn to a certain person who would be there with us. I saw him sat against a wall with blood on his face. Then the image was gone and I`m back to my slowly passing into sleep.

On the night out all went well. We reach a pub late in the evening and all line up at the bar. I get the call of nature and leave the guys. When I get back most of the gang have gone. Asking around I`m told that a man turned on one of us - this man hit one of us and fled. My friends where then asked to leave. Great! Now Im alone.

After Christmas I learnt that the friend of mine who was assulted was the guy I saw in my pre sleep episode. He had even stumbled near another pub and sat leaning against it until medical help arrived.

Looking back, I dont think he would have taken me serious if I had warned him about my odd pre sleep vision. Also, if he did believe me he would have been tense on that night - i would have ruined his happiness. Worse, he would have stayed at home afraid.

Dunno why I saw events before they happened but I know interfering with the future can make things worse. Perhaps everything is meant to unfold as it does?

Posted:2/15/2012 6:31:29 PM
Hi, the marks where on my left shin. Four red scars in a line that took months to dissapear. Couldnt understand how they got there.

Posted:2/4/2012 7:13:12 PM
I have been witness to what we call ET and it was a very terrifing ordeal. It reduces you to a child in deep controlled terror and yes you scream and fight like a desperate animal trying to escape. And I must agree that it does indeed rip away the comfortable view of reality we all share.

I woke up one morning and showered. I noticed 4 red marks on my left leg - equally spaced along the shin. The night before I had felt uneasy and kept thinking about the house being secure. It was like a fog had hit me that previous evening leaving me paranoid about keeping others out. I went to bed later than normal with this mysterious feeling of worry. Surprisingly, I soon managed to fall into sleep.

Now after finding these marks on my leg I began to develop minor phobias. A work colleague touches my arm and this triggers a very brief dread reaction within me. Walking home from work I overhere a group of youths walking ahead of me. They mention something about; eyes, terrified and the word trapped. For some reason my mind picked out these words which then resulted in a similar reaction to the touch on my arm. I go to get my hair cut and feel uneasy as my head is touched and moved. Ive known the hairdresser for years and now find I feel on edge when he touches me. I return home thiking WTF is going on?

Im eventually led to therapy with the help of friends who have noticed this change within my personality.

I end up going for relaxation massage and hypnotherapy. The latter reveals blocks that seem to be the cause of my newly developed phobias and nervous reactions. I actually feel better after this but still question the blocks. I soon return and ask for more hypnotherapy. I want to learn the secrets that are hidden from me.

In trance Im now two people; one wishing to keep everything as it is and another hidden personality. This hidden person holds on to its secrets and doesnt wish to reveal. Im taken back further to the evening of tension. The hidden personality seems very happy to talk here. It describes itself as being me and sings praise - great person, so clever, so caring etc. When asked more about the evening, it reveals that Ive become aware of something coming. This other personality loves me and is here to help when it arrives - it was placed there to help.

I go to bed and still feel afraid of something that isnt there. I fall into sleep and wake up - the room is cold.

I become puzzled by what seem to be and act like toy dolls near my curtains. Then above me comes another one of these things and i scream in disbelief. Its above me looking at my face, seems to have passed partially through the wall. God I scream, god I try to get away and find my voice has gone! It close to my face when it places a very cold small disc on my forehead and then my body just goes numb. It actually feels like a lump of metal is now attached to my neck. I scream and curse and begin to loose myself and feel like a child scared of the dark.

All of this has just happend in what must be two seconds.

The ceilings now gone, can see the sky and a small egg shaped thing - not disc shaped. I leave the bed and whoosh inside it i go.

I wont reveal the rest as Im expecting laughter and insults from you guys here - but it did happen!

All I will add is that when i was back in my bed the doll things near the curtains seemed to have previously brought me back and tucked me into the duvet. They then lingered near the curtains before moving away. My other self spoke of both events happening at the same time.

This is a true account and did happen to me. I only wish others will back this up by sharing their experiences.

Now mock me all you like as Im not bothered!