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Posted:12/13/2003 1:43:45 AM
They are basically clear quartz crystals carved into a human skull shape. Other types have been found made out of amethyst, rose quartz, smoky quartz, alabaster, topaz, moonstone, tourmaline, ametrine, citrine, sapphire, agate, and just about any other stone you can name. Most crystal skulls are found in burial sites located throughout Mexico and Central America. These are the ones most likely to be referred to as Ancient (scientifically dated carvings to be 1,000 years old or older). They come in several different carving styles and may range in size from that of a grapefruit to larger than human.  
Because they are found in tombs, the assumption is they have some religious significance.

Posted:12/11/2003 2:35:51 AM
That's OK. I don't need my name on the post.

Posted:12/10/2003 8:01:07 AM
That's works! Much better. :)

Posted:11/30/2003 9:48:35 PM
True, I run the firewall for the City of Austin and I have the ports for POP blocked. The web interface will be the only thing you can use.

Posted:11/26/2003 1:07:10 AM
Try Thunderbird [http://www.mozilla.org/products/thunderbird/] It's free. While your add it you might want to try Mozilla Firebird Browser for Windows (http://www.mozilla.org/products/firebird/). I love it!

Posted:11/25/2003 1:07:46 AM
All I can say is "Linux". Try it Jeff!

Posted:11/18/2003 5:23:00 PM
OK, will do!

Posted:11/17/2003 10:40:26 AM
Team, I registered supernaturalnews.com. Why you ask? If anyone types the URL it will be redirected to paranormalnews.com. This is another way to bring people to our domain. I might place a HTML page up on the domain with meta tags for search engines listing and place a 10 second re-direct on the page to go to paranormal news. Jeff what'cha think?

Posted:11/17/2003 10:27:48 AM
...and Jabber has Window client's. Ya'll just go ahead and use MSN. Ya'll don't know what your missing. LOL

Posted:11/17/2003 8:14:50 AM
True, I use Linux more and more everday. It's free! Jabber is different than Trillian because it a secure form of Instant Messaging. It uses SSL. I've got the City of Austin using it to communicate within the city because it is a secure form of communication. When we chat I'll be using Jabber to communicate with MSN. Catch ya'll on line!