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Posted:1/1/2009 12:43:47 PM
J.J. back Foxfan, as far as I can remember it started with the canada trip. Then off and on since then. The more I think about it it might be a combination of deja vu and a past life experiance. I dream so vividly that sometimes when I wake it shocks me and like I said sometimes it is simple things but other times it feels like I was some where else different time and place. Very strange I don't think I am a nut but at times I wonder!

Posted:12/31/2008 10:30:39 PM
Hey there Foxfan! I don't know if it is happening more often or not(that I can remember) But to people who have never had that sudden jolt or errie feeling it is hard to explain that this is REAL experience and something not easily explained away. J.J.

Posted:12/31/2008 6:48:39 PM
FoxmFan this is J.J. Most of my experiences started as an adult. I can only remember one time when I was young. I went on a canadian conooe trip in Ontario. From the moment the boat hit the water I knew I was there before. I knew the turns in the lakes.I saw rock formations that were so familiar I must have traveled there before. I don't know what to do about it but I don't think it will end.

Posted:12/28/2008 5:02:59 PM
I have had a lot of dreams coming true recently. Nothing big like disasters but mundane things like going to a store and buying odd things I don't use ordinarly or seeing something strange and know I have seen it before. I do not think this is paranormal but it is the most bizzare feeling I have ever had. Does any one think Deja vu is real?

Posted:12/28/2008 4:24:03 PM
Is'nt beliveing in a god a little immature? If a child wants something they ask santa. If an adult wants something they ask god. More people in history have died in the name of a god than anything else. needless death for a false hope.If you can't belive in yourself you have nothing.