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Posted:11/16/2010 6:22:41 PM
Actually, yeah it "sounds" like it because that's the way the Anomalist guy wrote his adcopy.  It's not dead wrong, just misleading.  I consider it's a possibility that we create things like this, but that doesn't account for a very large amount of the paranormal realm.  I don't think the claim is so shocking, I simply quote the book "Conjuring Phillip" in an article abpout something else entirely.  The author of that review has read only the first article, at any rate and it takes 8 to give a good grounding in what I'm saying.  I must praise his efforts, tho'--this morning Coast to Coast AM linked to my column. Fr. A.A.

Posted:11/15/2010 1:42:07 PM
A new and refreshing voice is on the scene in Frater Auxilior Arti and his column The XYZ Files, published in The Paranomalist..  The Anomalist reviewed it thusly: The XYZ Files The Paranormalist John Carlson introduces a new contributor to his blogsite, Frater Auxilior Arti. And Frater Auxilior Arti leaps right into the debate about missing time, alien abductions, ghosts, poltergeists and more. With a short personal history, Frater Auxilior Arti sets the stage for how he says he came "to realize that there existed a clear overlap between subjects of brain science, UFO lore, magick and the paranormal which, if studied phenomenologically and with an open mind, would likely yield a veritable treasure trove of data concerning the human condition and potential." According to this new author, his studies are at a "crossroads" due to the entrance of "marketing forces" into the mix that diminish the subject to the attention span of the average television viewer, giving short shrift to new developments and theories. And he follows with a list of shocking claims, such as the claim that amateur mediums have been able to create ghosts "from fictitious life stories." Text of the article is here:  http://www.theparanomalist.com/2889/xyz-files-intro/  and they will be updated on the 13th of every month.

Posted:4/16/2010 10:38:37 PM
Indeed they have.  Both in their 2 books and on several shows in the first few seasons, they reported an 80% failure-to-find and select their television shows from the remaining 20%.  There are several cases deemed too weird for TV and they only show up in their second book.  I know people who don't care to watch the show because they they get the imprerssion that they never find anything, for what it's worth.  I can think of several shows where they were pretty much skunked, but they were in the first 2 seasons and the show seems to have evolved into a more mature and less reality-based format.  Brian Harnois was really starting to piss me off.Of course, if they didn't milk it for all it's worth, they wouldn't have a show at all.  Few people understand or want to understand what we do know (and theorize) the actual role EM plays in the paranormal, for example--but everybody loves a ghost story!   

Posted:3/15/2010 7:04:27 PM
Really?  I watch it when I want a laugh.  It is without question the most ludicrous ghost hunter knock off going.  They are not investigators in the usual sense, just entertainers.  The devices they use do not exist and any real investigator should recognize that.  The TAPS people, while leaving much to be desired, are still the gold standard in my book.

Posted:3/15/2010 6:51:27 PM
Sounds like an intel agency trying to set you up.  Who else would have your ss#? Of course, the actual name of the name of the organization would help tremendously . . .

Posted:3/15/2010 6:46:32 PM
You'd all do well to read The Lam Statement.  I agree the eyes don't have it, but this little fellow was contacted by visualizing, then entering into a silver egg.  Crowley describes these beings as curious, but stops short of implying much else.  Further if you look at all contact lore that seemed to describe the greys, you do tend to see a trend towards the large, black eyes pretty late in the game.   The descriptions given of greys aren't as consistent as some would have us think.

Posted:7/6/2008 10:58:15 PM
It seems to me like everyone's dancing around this issue and probably ought to use Occam's razor once in awhile.After all I've read on this and related subjects, the mysterious (as opposed to explainable) cases seem to boil down to 2 likely possibilities, neither of which need involve aliens.Firstly, the technology to do this probably does indeed exist and is indeed related to the crop circle phenomenon, insofar as it is, in all likelihood, carried out via MASER weapons mounted on satellites for purposes of weapons testing by our government or the governments of other countries.Additionally, please note that there has been a study of a cattle mutilation survivor some years back and the necropsy showed a strong likelihood of electrocution, but of an anomalous nature.Those familiar with the earthlight phenomenon may be prepared to admit that in this class of phenomena, the earth itself can spit out some very energetic plasmoids which are quite likely to be attracted to one end or the other of a living bar magnet like a cow. An intense discharge of energy upon collision with a cow could conceivably produce the effects noted in CM cases, up to and including the seeming exsanguination. UFO buffs will remember USAF pilot Mantel, who is touted as a UFO casualty, but when I read John Keel's report of it, he pointed out that Mantel was also bloodless and suffered injuries that should have left blood in the cockpit of his plane. It is clear from this account that he was chasing a charged plasmoid object, as opposed to an alien craft. For that matter, the Kenneth Arnold case that got the whole ufo flap into full flight was most likely a similar event, taking place on a known fault line (which incidentally connects to one of the hottest plasmoid event windows in the US) and in a manner consistent with observations of this rare phenomenon.I suspect that the iron in the bloodstream is sufficiently conductive under this unusual circumstance to allow for a very sudden chemical change in it's nature. If someone wants to learn more about this problem, they could do no better than to shelve unfounded alien hypotheses and search instead for corollary geophysical data (like seismic data) or else locate the position of military satellites at the time of the event (if that's possible).