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Posted:1/18/2014 8:40:58 PM
did you know that as a result of Teslas patented circuits a demonstration was set up for the U,S Navy flying 3ft discs around a basketball stadium using magnetic field propulsion for 3 hours the viewers were stunned

Posted:1/18/2014 8:35:39 PM
The combination of light at the right frequency sound at the right frequency and a magnetic field generated at the right frequency can set up a resonance if it is pulsed this resonance can build to a point where it can tear a hole in space time isnt it amazing that all three of these forces are found in nature its that simple nature has the answer to all of the mysteries naturally as the mysteries are nature,Tesla knew this and that is why his experiments worked because he tried to mimic the natural world.

Posted:1/18/2014 8:16:13 PM
Science is supposed to benefit man,Nicola Tesla was dedicated to making things better for the human race his inventions and Idears were groundbreaking at the time and even to this day his work is only just starting to be understood where would we be now if his Idears were developed back then in the early 1900s what a shame the greed of man and his passion for war dictates what gets developed and what does not everyone has their time and I think now Nicola Tesla we are saying it is your time finally maybe soon your dreams of free energy will come to pass.

Posted:1/18/2014 4:49:45 AM
Recently much has been said about the work of Nicola Tesla his views on electromagnetic feilds and there potential to create strange effects it is said that these theories are actually now fact and his work was perhaps more important than Einsteins was his work sabotaged by large commercial tyrants that saw his Idears of free energy as a non money making venture and a threat to there monopoly on power at any rate his work with high K capacitors is extraordinary what do you think

Posted:9/15/2013 4:36:51 AM
[Secret societies will exist in one form or another whilever man inhabits this earth they are the only way to protect knowledge that would be missused in the hands of the wrong people .why do you think these men are in positions of power they have the assistances of these secret powers imagine these powers in the hands of such as hitller or the rev jim jones

Posted:8/3/2012 9:51:53 PM
Thankyou for your encouragement,I know the Experiment needs to be refined and I had made notes in my journal at the end that suggest improvements that could be made to it. I am a muscian in my spare time and the Idea came to me one day whilst tuning my guitarI noticed when the strings were in tune they created a resonance that effected the space around me my whole boddy was humming with the resonance from the vibrating strings the air arond me was humming surely this may suggest that this resonance of a musical note in tune with another has an effect on the universe this was the beginning of a theory that maybe I could create the conditions to see if this resonance could be amplified using crystals and maybe allow my mind to see a place in the universe not seen before.I will post the full journal account of the experiment when time allows me to write it up thanks again for your comments

Posted:7/30/2012 6:19:53 AM
I beleive that the soul is what creates the emotions we express if we did not have a soul we would be emotionless creatures such as simpler forms that react on instinct not emotion when you feel sad or happy angry or in pain these emotions are triggered by different things in different people indicating to me that we all have an individuality that is created by our soul I beleive that the soul is a reflection of an energy field or source that one day will be measured and considered a true part of the natural universe

Posted:7/30/2012 5:56:03 AM
I will go through my journals and retreive my notes happy to share information and would be great if someone could tell me if there is merrit in these ideas.

Posted:7/30/2012 12:06:56 AM
There are many things said about her but the Theosophical society which she was part of creating is a reliable source of information on occult science and has become a respectable organisation that does allot for people silently.for real true knowledge try the three books of the sacred magic of abre melin the sage it is a text written by an occultist in the middle ages and he has translated an ancient text dating back to Solomon it is in the traddition of the quabalah but he is a respected man who has used the majik and attests to the results. Jewish Mystics noteably Solomon who was reputed to be the wisest of all human souls,seem to have been able to use tis majik if you read the quabalah it gels well with quantum physics we call it the big bang the quabalah calls it the path of lightning flash.

Posted:7/29/2012 9:25:29 AM
Yes but that haunted house is haunted generaly by apparitions representing the people that had past ghastly associations with the house once again we are back to the time issue maybe these people are still there we just dont know it, and the hauntings are reflections of another dimension,but still related to the human soul when we are not there the house is still haunted by the reflections of past human suffering or is that suffering still going on in another dimension another reality where does our soul go when we die. try reading M.Blavatsky she has well documented works that can be found through the theosophical society,I warn you though it is very serios reading