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Posted:3/7/2014 9:17:29 AM
It is unfortunate that it that almost all equipment used in an investigation is either untested or so easy to debunk the results they supposedly pickup, like the ovilus, spirit box, emf detector and so on. I have seen it happen time after time. My biggest problem is orbs and mist. If anything can be easily debunked or even faked, orbs and mist are the easiest of the all. To me a rock solid proof I don't think can ever be captured by "amateurs" (and by that I mean people that do this as a hobby) using todays equipment. It's another situation that it will take something extrodinary for people to sit up and take notice. By the way I think there should be a central place that is a central area. Like a school that is an accredited school, one that people can go and do a check to see if that group or person is accredited. I also believe that groups should have some kind of insurance or be bonded before they are allowed to do investigations in private homes. I know people get upset and scared when they have situations like a haunting but I wouldn't let anyone in my home cause the risk of injury and lawsuits are too great now.

Posted:1/13/2014 2:22:53 AM
http://www.altereddimensions.net/2012/gef-talking-mongoose-ghost the other link will only come back to the paranormal news website try this one instead

Posted:11/7/2013 4:09:47 PM
Not that the goverment isn't capable of doing such a thing, one must also think that there is individuals that don't need a reason for doing such things. I'm not going to mention names, so Gary won't be mentioned. I wonder what the oddball questions are?

Posted:10/14/2013 4:32:18 PM
Interesting question. And yes Lincoln I have seen many written pieces that have this same theory. Granted you must be careful of these writings. Sometimes these are writings of individuals that with certain objectives in mind.

Posted:8/28/2013 1:35:03 PM
confusion is what agent 107 is best at. Nonsense and made up stories with a pinch of truth somewhere in between

Posted:8/28/2013 1:23:33 PM
Oh no gary it's not endless, the only thing that is endless is your made up stories. "I was told by my maternal grandmother" "I heard it from a Lt Col" "A six fingered alien hooker told me while I was being probed, she stopped and I didn't want her too"
Like I posted elsewhere. Anyone can claim to hear such stories from any source. Doesn't make it true.

Posted:8/28/2013 12:58:19 PM
Okay Gary in response to your response, well written. I tried to go to the advocate archive to verify and it is a subscription only so I was not able to do so, so at this point that will remain unverified but possible for now. As far as information from your maternal grandmother and conversations you had with individuals. Just like in a court of law that is not admissable. Sorry. I can say that I had a conversation with the former CIA Director Leon Panetta, and we discussed ways to try and get the UFO information out to the public without setting of any possible backlash or panic from the cititzens. Now just because I said that I have, doesn't make true.
The aids Virus is something weather it was man made, or came from nature or whatever the source, is a scourge upon mankind. It isn't only gays and blacks that get this disease you know. Even if you are right and it was targeted to certain groups it is no longer hitting only those groups. Innocent Children and babies are being born with it also.
As far as the whole gay scene goes. Well to each their own as some would say. I myself don't care weather you or anyone else is gay. I just don't want to hear about it. I don't want to hear about heterosexuals and their exploits either. Somethings should just be kept to themselves. It is not about acceptance anymore, it's about pushing this agenda on everyone and forbid if anyone has a disaggrement with it. I am tired of being labeled a hater. I don't hate, I just don't approve of that lifestyle and I don't want to know who is and who isn't. Just keep it to yourself.

Posted:8/28/2013 7:20:02 AM
Well like I asked Jaxerback for gary to 'prove it' he has once again, failed to deliver.

"I was told by various people and relatives and I wrote and published letters that are still on file."

What various people, relatives? and what published letters, and what files? Sorry to say but it sounds like just made up bullsheet to me. And yes I said 'sheet' I'm trying to keep it clean

Posted:8/27/2013 5:52:04 PM
You are of course right LincolnGenghis. gary can you name anyone that has moved beyond those entanglements? And if you can, please make it so that it is verifiable and not some friend of a cousin that once met a guy that knew of someone that might have. Please post real facts that the rest of us can follow. Cause there are few that have, and if you can find one that is not a religious icon I would love to hear about it.

Posted:8/27/2013 5:48:50 PM
So gary if you knew of this back in 1984 why not do something about it? How come in here is the only place that you mention it, or is there any other place that you 'spilled the beans'? I would like to know why.