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Posted:7/8/2014 12:25:12 AM
I have been interested in the Cecil Hotel ever since I heard the news story on Elisa Lam. What I didn't expect was how deep the darkness and unexplained goes within the walls of the Cecil. It was so intense I had to film a two part series just to cover it all.

Here is the first part!!! Please, If you like it subscribe to my channel and tune in next week for part 2!

Posted:6/26/2014 3:08:21 PM
MACABRE MONDAYS is the new vlog/docu style web series that showcases monuments and homes with dark and creepy pasts. From an old brothel that is still haunted by one of its past employees to a hotel that has seen suicide and heart break, Macabre Mondays is a comical and different take on the traditional haunted history show.

New episodes come out every monday! Show your support by subscribing to Malia's channel and share with other like minded creeps!