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Posted:9/12/2013 2:08:08 PM
What can you say? If the evidence is clear. If it is repeated over and over. If they still refuse to believe, there will be nothing you can do or say to convince them. People used to say that a curveball thrown by a pitcher doesn't change direction it is just an optical illusion. This is the same as people who say an EVP is just static noise on a recorder. I know what I heard or captured on camera is really there.

Maybe people won't accept the evidence because they are afraid of it. It is nice, cozy thought that if you live a good life, you will be rewarded in an afterlife. The evidence that is being captured is showing that not everyone is benefiting from living a good life. They are still here. Why, maybe we will find out, but for now it is scaring a lot of people. I think that this is stopping them from believing in the overwhelming amount of scientific evidence that is out there. We don't know what it is or especially why it is, but we do know IT IS.