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Posted:3/15/2011 1:04:49 AM
Ever so cool! 

Posted:3/15/2011 1:02:32 AM
 Very interesting.

Posted:3/15/2011 12:52:55 AM
 No towers, No satellites during that time period. If it were a time traveler, then it is a blatant show of what he/she is. They couldn't actually be talking to someone on a cell, but people of a future time period would know what he/she was doing.It's possible. Maybe a test run for the near future time travelers. Let's see what happens at Cern. 

Posted:4/23/2009 7:16:55 PM
Georgia Smith, what is your opinion on near death experiences and those that have them?

Posted:11/5/2008 9:54:12 PM

Posted:11/5/2008 9:50:16 PM
Forum: Rebirth

Posted:10/20/2008 6:46:18 PM
Please,save the race card for Reverend Wright! Obama admitted to his Muslim ties. Never denied his contact with William Ayers.A known Anti American terrorist. Yet vehemently denied any knowledge about Rev.Wrights Anti-semitisms. I agree, Shaman Cougar, about the micro chip implantation.
Forum: Rebirth

Posted:10/19/2008 8:56:56 PM
Wrong! Obama is a Muslim "EXTREMIST" sympathiser. So when Iraq gets their hands on nuclear weapons will Obama expect America to be martyrs for the extremist cause? Or will he push the button? If you think that having bunnies and deer for dinner is bad, wait until you see what nuclear radiation will do for the enviroment. Oh but never fear Opec will protect the polar bears of Alaska, I'm sure of it.

Posted:7/7/2008 7:12:38 PM
Hi Harper. I have had what could be abduction experiences. I don't have memory of seeing aliens or ufo's but i have had at least one experience of missing time. I do see aliens and ufo's in dreams though. I have been think lately about something that I experienced when I was in my 20's. I was enlightened when I was 20 yo. During the experience,I was conversing with someone who was standing just behind me to my left.I don't remember his face but I remember that he was wearing a long straight robe. It was light blueish in color and had a glow to it. A couple of years later, I was going through a big change in my life. I had a dream that I was in this room. That same being was there with me. We were looking out a large panaramic window. There was a control panal in front of the window,just like what some discribe in abduction experiences.We were looking at the earth. He said to me,This is your life,and as I was looking at the earth it zeroed in on one spot on the earth.Then he said don't eat the wheat because of the tares. What I am getting to is, I was browsing through, different alien races, on youtube. There was one human looking one that reminded me so much of the being that I saw on those two occasions.

Posted:7/6/2008 10:55:43 PM
I have had a reoccuring dream since I was in the 4th grade. It is about planetary alignment. The dreams vary but I usually can see the planets,close in our sky. Sometimes I see ufo's in the dreams. Sometimes I see strange things happening with the sun and the moon. Sometimes there is really odd weather going on. I also have dreams of traveling to other solar systems,but I am usually a little frieghtened,in those dreams.