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Posted:5/3/2011 8:19:56 PM
nice post, people have been trying to debunk crop circles forever! They just cant... no human can make these images in crops without either... days or weeks of planning and creating and even still to get them PERFECT which is how they are shown is near impossible. Debunkers will try... but will never IMO debunk the crop circles that seeminly appear instantly overnight in incredibly complex patterns. This isnt even going into the radiation left on the stalks and also how they are modified to bend and not break.

Posted:4/18/2011 10:57:19 PM
hahahahaah omg!! Was a good video boys! Props.Yeah the movements were very suspect, but then again have we documented the movements of Greys? I know i have heard many different stories and reports on how they move etc.Bloody cheeky aussie kids, looks like they were out in the sticks abit, most probly bored :)

Posted:4/3/2011 11:57:11 PM
hehe thought so :)

Posted:4/3/2011 8:22:45 PM
you wouldnt happen to be the creator of this app would you?

Posted:3/27/2011 7:29:50 PM
thanks for the link Swamptick that was very interesting. I have heard other stories and seen other articles about similar things. Supposedly these UFO has stopped quite a few planned launches of nukes over the past few decades.Very interesting

Posted:3/27/2011 7:18:54 PM
Everyone has the ability to see spirits, its our DNA that limits us but we do have the ability to change this tho. BE VERY CAREFUL who you or he decide to tell this to. Especially during these times, there is much going on and he can be a very useful tool to certain unsavoury beings.OP im certain you dont have to buy all new things etc. Your husband has the right and power to tell them to leave both of you alone if thats what you want.

Posted:10/25/2010 5:43:31 PM
I dont get why it is unreal to think that a humanoid could be small? If they exist on a different plane or are spiritual beings then why would size have any bearing on something that isnt physical? Fairys for one havent always been depicted like tinkerbell but have been human size or even larger. Fairy is just a general word for a mainly spiritual being that is not an angel and not a demon more of the in between. Where have you gotten your conclusions from Patrock? Its just that for like ever! people have reported spiritual beings in some form or another. Are you to say all these people are crazy or seeing things?  Many people experience fairies and gnomes alot..i know i have all my life so its sort of hard to just accept that not being real or even possible.
Forum: Ghost pic?

Posted:10/11/2010 7:41:17 PM
I call real! Levinus: LOL Yes definately toxic mutant venus swamp gas! :)

Posted:10/11/2010 7:16:53 PM
haha they are playful little things arent they! Did you have a name for your gnome? Last time i saw a gnome was when i was a child and he always sat near our pool on a big rock. Everytime i hear stories of them it always includes them lazing about somewhere. Cheeky things :)

Posted:10/10/2010 8:41:50 PM
Where to begin... Hmm. Well over the years I have had many "experiences" ranging from ghostly figues, knocking around the house, lights flickering etc. Our family home used to be farming land with a tiny little shack on it. My parents have built apon this and it is much bigger now, 5 bedrooms etc but since forever we have all had this feeling of we are never alone. My mother has told me many times that she has put a knife under her pillow (dont know what use that would be to a ghost or other non physical entity, but it eased her mind so it guess it wasnt stupid). I have had many more experiences in the last few years (since i have been married) and very regularly. My wife is a seer and an empath and i think she alone attracts more supernatural things. I have seen her physically attacked by an invisible entity right before my eyes. Big scratches showing up on her as im watching! This was the hardest thing for me to deal with... how can i stop something invisible from hurting my soulmate, that feeling of powerlessness was terrible. Since then we have done protective spells in and around our house which seem to be working.We bust out the ouija board from time to time and have had very positive experiences. Have spoken to many spirits/entities which can be very enjoyable and enlightening (if that makes any sense). I am currently trying to increase my power of energy manipulation with the guidance of my wife. Psi balls come much more easy now and she believes i am on the verge of possibly moving small objects!! It is very exciting!One more thing we seem to have alot around our house is fairy folk. We often are left little gifts in obvious areas (possibly for keeping the garden healthy? thats what i think anyway). We get things like BEAUTIFUL feathers left on our doormat or beautiful flowers resting on the table where we have our smokes. Things like that i love and cherish very much. I think i have rambled enough its too early/late atm. Sorry for any spelling mistakes, i am sure there are many lol. Peace!