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Posted:1/31/2012 5:01:52 AM
Each element absorbs and gives off light in very specific frequencies. By directing the light we see in telescopes of that little spec of a planet through a spectroscope, which is essentially a prism that spreads the light out on a surface like a rainbow, scientists can see sharp lines that they know from experiment are associated with certain elements.

Posted:8/21/2011 6:49:04 PM
The monoatomic gold must be a scam.  Gold is only one element - you can't separate it into anything else, except subatomic particles.  The only thing that you could possibly do is to put it into a disorganized state, since most metals naturally form a crystalline structure when purified.  But the thought of putting it onto something to make it light is not tenable to me, and I already believe in magic.

Posted:8/2/2011 8:33:40 AM
I used to have repeated "dreams" of floating inches above the sidewalks about my house, while propelling myself by paddling with my arms, while trying to escape a monster that was chasing me.  It was years later that I started meditating and having out-of-body experiences that I realized that I had been experiencing real out-of-body experiences.  I don't know what the monster was, except that eventually I realized in a dream that it was a disconnected part of myself trying to reintegrate with me.  When I let it, the experiences of monsters stopped.  There are interpretations all over the board about what all of these things mean.  I personally reject any fanciful notion of materialistic scientists that our mind and these experiences are simply epiphenomenon of our meterial brain. By the way, I have a degree in physics, and know that not all physicists have their heads in the sand.  However, I also acknowledge that, while our mind is more than our brain, the energy that we travel in is itself greatly affected by our mind, and relates to other minds that are interacting with us, human or alien, or whatever. And, whenever someone questions the reality of these experiences, I agree only if they also agree to question the reality of their material "reality".  Finally, I recommend meditating, as it improves ones conscious understanding of ones experiences.