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Posted:11/2/2013 11:54:26 AM
I live in south TX and we see weird lights all the time due to the massive influx of the oil industry's equipment: Trucks, rigs with incredibly bright lights, huge banks of industrial site lighting, helicopters at all hours of the day and night, etc. All you have to do is pretty much pick a spot and wait for something odd looking to happen.

There is a low ridge above my house with eighteen wheelers coming and going 24/7. Now the thing is the entrance up to that road is actually kind of hidden by a hill in the foreground and trees so to someone who didn't know the setup it would look like UFO's coming through a portal en masse. Then of course if you get up the hill enough to see all the oil rigs, that looks a bit otherworldly as well, or post apocalyptic, I can't really tell which. It ain't pretty.

Like you I can't tell what the second section is, but it's kind of sloppy and I would somehow expect alien tech to be more...well...neat. But interesting vid nonetheless, much better than most I see.

Posted:9/24/2013 2:38:50 PM
I believe there is some evidence of ghosts/paranormal. There are some non scientific folks, who in the course of their investigations obtain some unidentified anomalies, both visual and auditory. (don't get me wrong, most of it is bunk) What I would really like to see is a valid scientific team going to a known "hotspot" and setting up a long term observation of the site, with multiple and varied types of cameras and the best audio equipment available; as well as other gadgets for measuring all the other things that we have come to believe accompany a paranormal event. Once these are in place the site needs to be closed and treated like a laboratory and carefully monitored for outside interference. IMO this should be a months long investigation rather than just a few days as are most.

The problem is that most real scientists are so afraid of losing their credibility that they won't touch this kind of project. I can't help but to think though that if one did, then submitted their documentation for peer review and it was accepted as valid...their name would go down in history.

Posted:8/15/2013 6:35:42 PM
The beam of light is a fairly common atmospheric event. The other things you captured just look like detritus caught on the wind before the storm. But keep taking the pics; they were good catches even if they were mundane. Maybe the next time they won't be.

Posted:6/5/2013 10:49:48 PM
We had cougars in Maine, USA, although the wildlife officials said we didn't, even after they found tracks of an adult and cub on Blue Hill. I knew a number of people who saw them pretty close up. Kind of hard to misidentify a cougar when it is only twenty feet away. Anyway my point is that Maine is very cold and inhospitable to most animals in the winter months, yet, we had big cats.

Since having an exotic menagerie was all the rage for many years among the wealthy/royalty and then of course as mentioned the more modern exotic pet trade it should really be no surprise that there is a remnant population of abandoned/escaped cats.
Forum: Just sad

Posted:4/7/2013 12:18:49 PM
I simply cannot imagine your agony. I think of my own son and his problems and I feel anguish but I know that what I feel is no where near the pain of one who loses a child. My sister lost a very young child to an accident over fifty years ago. I asked her once how she managed to go on, "You just do." is what she told me.

There are no platitudes that will ameliorate your suffering. Only time will take away some of the urgency of your torment, yet it's keen edge will always be but a memory away. My heart and prayers are with you.

Posted:3/11/2013 11:37:54 AM
Boat, slow shutter. 

Posted:3/4/2013 11:42:59 AM
As ghost vids go that one is pretty good. Although we don't know what the accident victim looked like to make a comparison. I would like to believe that ghosts can be captured on video, I think that is only going to happen, if at all, on a full spectrum camera. But it doesn't hurt to keep trying. 

Posted:3/4/2013 11:38:06 AM
OK Jeff, we are gonna hold you to that. And as a quid pro quo, I will do the same, should I ever find myself sinfully wealthy. You will all be invited to come party at which ever "rich guy/gal" venue is closest to you. It's a date kiddies. Oh, and bring all your paranormal detecting equipment because I am only going to buy old haunted estates, but then, aren't they all. We will all share spirits, of one kind or another. Cheers mate!

Posted:2/25/2013 5:45:16 PM
Sounds perfect to me. I love fishing and Scottish culture. I also believe that enough positive energy can dispel evil, which is why all the haunted houses I have ever lived in have been full of pets, happy friends and plants.

The problem is that A)I don't have that kind of money, and one would still have to build the cottage, B)I wouldn't want to leave all my said pets in quarantine while we built the house, you know, if we had the money to build the house.

But it's nice to think about.

Posted:2/24/2013 12:50:11 PM
Excellent piece. Thank you.Where I use to live I was in the community as "that strange lady"; I did readings, healings, and investigations. While my work was respected I noticed that some people had a fear of being around me as they assumed I would know every thought they had; their secrets laid bare. While there is a kernel of truth to that situation it still stung. I now live far away and only a handful of people know what I do. I no longer do readings but sometimes I do healings. I still do investigations but always out of town.For me, I think it is part of aging, not having the energy to be marginalized. I would love to have the courage and strength to resume my spiritual life as before. I am an "outsider" in this flyspeck town and to add spooky to it might actually goad some of the supersticious locals to do harm to me or my property. This already happened when I first moved here, kind of like a group stalking thing; punctured tires, ruined lawn tractor, BBQ grill set aflame and laid against the garage. Thankfully the only real damage was to the grill itself which was all but destroyed by the fire. I don't know what kind of accelerant they used but it created an enormously hot fire. These incidents were entirely because I was from away and not welcome in this very small community. You can see why I keep a low profile, imagine what they would do if they thought I was a "witch".