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Posted:10/23/2008 11:28:36 AM
Talk about letting the fox loose in the hen house.Congress voted in the Federal Reserve in 1913 they should vote it out now.

Posted:10/23/2008 11:24:39 AM
People are slowly beginning to wake up and realize that we are in trouble and just now they are starting to question the government and many of their beliefs.If things don't start to change for the better quickly I can see a citizen revolution in the works and that is one thing the government fears the most as they should.

Posted:10/23/2008 10:53:51 AM
I used to be very critical of the idea of Satan but I had the opportunity to investigate several cases involving Satanic worship as a police officer with 30 years experience and I firmly believe they are a threat not to be taken lightly.

Posted:10/23/2008 10:24:38 AM
Oh to dream, I have not dreamed (or been able to remember dreams) since I returned from overseas military duty in 1973.I have tried traditional and non-traditional methods to dream to no avail...consider yourselves lucky that you can escape into that dream state from time to time.

Posted:10/23/2008 9:54:35 AM
The one thing I have found frustrating about aging is that when you try to pass on the knowledge you have learned over your time to the younger generation they disregard what you have to say as if it meant nothing.I have traveled around the world a little in my younger years and I noticed that several countries respect the knowledge of their elders, here in the United States our younger generation tend to stick the elders in nursing homes and forget them, and that is really a sad statement on how we treat our elders.