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Posted:7/9/2010 8:00:48 AM
The problem is one of trust and since we know enough about ourselves to distrust the next guy, lending anything even close to complete belief is impossible. But since mainstream science has chosen to ignore the UFO phenomenon, we are left to our own devices and logic.The failure of the scientific community on this subject is shameful.Good video, by the way. Similar to several events in Mexico of the late '90s.

Posted:7/9/2010 7:52:57 AM
Time, if it does exist as an element or force (whatever) of nature, is no different than any other. With the correct knowledge and mechanism, it can be approached, observed and perhaps even manipulated. It would also likely mean that all time, past, present and future, exists simultaneously within the same space.It's our nature to speculate... to scratch the itch, if you will.Like so many other things we don’t fully understand, we tend to lend them an esoteric flavor through philosophies that paint the subject with native human imagination. This is the same process that powers religion/faith and other forms of mysticism. But if say, God does exist (and I believe He does), we may someday set aside our myths and find that He is the universe’s greatest scientist.Times change and so do we.At one time, the mystery of the fire we stoked in a dark cave mesmerized us and led us to wonder at its power.Today, we stare out over the vast reaches of time... waiting for a day (and time) when we will look again and perhaps find that it can all be measured by a matter of inches. Normal 0

Posted:12/11/2008 4:24:33 PM
I had read so much about 'orbs' prior to last year. They seemed a distant phenomenon that was mostly disconnected from from reality. Aside from a trip or two to Coast to Coast, or some other website that dealt with such things, the little balls of light were neither real or unreal. They were just pictures. Oh yes, I read there then and now here the words of those who immediately discount the orbs as this or that but... certainly ANYthing but something residual of physical life. Well, you may believe as you wish. That is your right. But if you will excuse my daring to temper the omnipotence of the internet desk'perts here with a person opinion to the contrary, I will firmly believe otherwise. ...

Posted:9/23/2008 10:02:43 PM
Being aware and in control of a dream can be quite an experience. Once you've reached that point, then anything is possible. Lucky for us, no one has figured out how to put it in a capsule or it would be illegal by now.

Posted:9/23/2008 9:58:05 PM
I remember this guy from 2005. Whether coincidence or the genuine article, a UFO did appear for him while on camera. The question that may need to be asked is exactly who... or perhaps, 'what' this guy is channeling.

Posted:6/29/2008 1:25:51 PM
No gloom, no doom. This is all quite good for us. A little over a hundred years ago, the oil age began, sprung from the fertile minds (not to mention hard work) of individual inventors and entrepreneurs who found the last piece of the puzzle that finally put the age of coal and steam to bed. From there, we discovered the automobile, air travel and space flight. As much as we might dislike the pollution… the current situation of global warming and being held hostage by OPEC, the age of oil was a glorious time for humanity. We've crossed oceans, flown around the world in the air and seen our home planet from the surface of the moon. Give credit where it is due… a standing ovation for oil, please. Okay, now that we've said goodbye, what's next? What is required won't likely be found in any government-funded lab nor introduced by Exxon, GM or Boeing. The next energy incarnation will probably again come from the small-time inventor and researcher. It will be the inventiveness of the individual again that trumps obscene amounts of cash and power brokerage that cuts the new path. As an example, there is a little garage about a mile from where I am writing this that will install, for a really nominal fee of between $400-600, a system that utilizes Brown's Gas as an addition to, or complete replacement for gasoline in the everyday internal combustion automobile engine. The concept is quite old but combined with a few more modern items; you can basically run your car on water. And no, it's probably not the answer the world needs but it does demonstrate that the spirit of discovery is still alive and quite well. The depletion of oil combined with the greed of those who, like the coal barons of old, will be more than enough motivation to carry us into our future. No oil gloom, no oil doom… though some form of doom may still come at the hands of our world leaders as they are as poor a crop as we have witnessed in a century. Maybe it's time to retire them as well? …

Posted:6/3/2008 9:52:20 PM
Unfortunately, UFO Area screens the worthy (an unworthy) by paid membership. I could not finish the article. But the presumption about Malta is likely true. There has been a human presence far longer than is officially acknowledged.

Posted:6/3/2008 9:44:00 PM
The description sounds like an overgrown buzzard. I have seen them on the roadside in Alabama and Georgia in a very healthy state... though not quite as big as reported above.